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Ascot 3-50, Saturday 04/10/14 Profiling

I have, as I said in the Podcast, been a bit hard on myself regarding the Cambridgeshire as I did indeed reach a crossroads, go left and it was draw bias, go right and it was age grouping. Both were narrow lanes as neither really gave me a definitive to …

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Sean’s “Day In Brief” 26th July

My daily musings for your amusement… Friday 26th July 13 All true racing fans are praying as I write to whatever God they do or don’t believe in for the recovery of St Nicholas Abbey who will need to be a fighter of the toughest kind to fight off colic …

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The Day in Brief 23rd July 2013

In brief, Ron has (kindly) tasked me with a small, to the point article each day summarising the main points of the days racing as I see it (200 words or so) – both results and incidents etc – so here we go…… Tuesday 223rd July 13 If a week …

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