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Best wishes from Luke Harvey

Ron recently approached me, via 500 Club member, Craig Mitchell, to ask if I would be prepared help in promoting what Post Racing is trying to do. Following a conversation as I stood in the rain at Stratford, which included a full breakdown of what it is they are trying …

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Today’s Ratings 09/11/12

That was an unbelievably stressful day but by crikey, it kept us on our toes. We knew things would need tweaking and it wasn’t long before a major glitch was uncovered. Fair play to the developers though….it must have been equally as stressful for them, too….they stuck to the task, …

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On the Badger hunt

I’m already looking forward to the meeting at Wincanton on Saturday and the race that signals to me that the season has started. I’m a fan of the Badger Ale Trophy and my first port of call when looking for the winner, is to check out the horse/horses being saddled …

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