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Top rated stats updated w/e 10/9/17

122/724 +48.5pts betfair SP after 5% deduction -22.81pts industry SP 27/168 texted/play race -24.53pts betfair SP after 5% deduction -40.91pt industry SP. NB top rated won’t always be Ron’s advised play in the race+++ 0-9 41/243 +25.53pts 10-19 62/372 +0.63pts( Cl4+ +10 to +19 rating 34/224 -33.85pts after 5%, Cl2+ …

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T factor stats updated w/e 10/9/17

Please note the bracketed comment below, as it will explain differences others may find in results, given that two recent TS winners only get recorded in the All section here; they may may been the only ones with only TS, but their races contained others with TS and * going …

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top 3 rated/exotic stats updated w/e 10/9/17

Again like the NH, no dutches, but level stakes across the top 3 289/725 -223.11pts betfair SP, before 5% deductions. Any top 3 combination, dutch or otherwise, seems to constantly fail and lose as a blind, level stakes play, and therefore would have to be selective and variable staking (as …

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