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FREE STUFF 02/12/17

I have 10 rated races today but the one I’m posting up in this section is what used to be known as the Hennessy. It’s my favourite race of the season and hopefully I have this thing boxed off for you. I would certainly be expecting a big run from …

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Free Stuff 25/11/17

Can I first thank those of you that have joined Post Racing overnight. Word is getting out about the successes being achieved right now and whilst we’ll suffer our ups and downs, the intention will always be, long term, to create a profit for you that covers your membership fees …

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FREE STUFF 16/11/17

What a cracking good day that was! With so many races on a single day I’m always a tad trepidatious….not for me but for you. I’m not a worrier as such, more concerned about your banks and how they’ll be affected by a bad day. Sure, I know we are …

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What we, as punters, can do about it

I took one look at that Towcester card today and spat feathers. The are having a laugh calling that a race meeting, aren’t they? Two x four runner races, a three runner race and one with five. Is anyone really going to pay to enter, to watch that? The thing …

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The Smart Set Open Day

Karen and I set out very early to make sure we were at Bryan Smart’s Hambleton stables in plenty of time for the first open day of the new season. A pit stop taken at Starbucks on the motorway (Hartshead), we had a really clear run through and arrived just …

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