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Today’s Newsletter text 07/02/18

Can you all cease using the e-mail address. It is causing me no end of problems right now with very few getting through to me.

Please use for all future contact.

I know a good few of you have been trying to get to me as I’ve had a few starting, “this is the third time I’ve e-mailed”

I’m sitting on my hands until all the inspections have taken place this morning.

We have already lost Carlisle….they pulled the plug early yesterday afternoon….so if we have any racing, the Newsletter will go out later this morning.

I have never been so pleased to see a meeting called off as I was Sedgefield yesterday. In my bones I knew that would be a disaster if it went ahead and my comment regarding the best race being the sole one at Market Rasen proved spot on as the 20/1 winner was in my top three and in the dutch.

Whatever happens with racing today, I’m going to be busy putting together my Cheltenham template, looking at getting that small website created so that new members can subscribe, finishing the 2020 Newsletter so, plenty to be getting on with.

I also need to send you something regarding what happened on Monday….I’ll say no more now but it had the guys at AG in conference yesterday, looking at it. It is vital you read it when it lands in your inbox.

Back later racing or no racing.

Have a good day!

Kindest regards


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