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Free Stuff 25/11/17

Can I first thank those of you that have joined Post Racing overnight.

Word is getting out about the successes being achieved right now and whilst we’ll suffer our ups and downs, the intention will always be, long term, to create a profit for you that covers your membership fees and beyond.

Two things have happened recently, the first being my going back to basics and second, an organisation called Astech Gold using my work to make sure that the punting software they have created is fit for purpose.

The guys behind the machine are not themselves, punters. They simply love numbers and making what they have created work for those looking seriously to create a profit from betting on horse racing.

What I’m going to do again is put a Newsletter together that explains what they are doing to create that profit you are seeing almost daily.

If you have any questions once you have read it can I please ask that you contact them directly. I’ll make sure a link is in that Newsletter.

This week Gary and Andy have been getting their heads together to discuss how working in tandem can increase those figures even further and again, I’ll cover what they’ve discussed in that newsletter.

They are heading quite quickly towards £10k of profit having been achieved since 19th August this year.

It has been a strange week with punting opportunities Monday/Wednesday being limited purely and simply by the low grade of racing seen and one of the things I will cover in that Newsletter is the difference in profitability each of us will achieve, simply because we all do things differently. As Andy and I agreed during a conversation yesterday, your betting is personal to you and unless we were all sitting in the same room, doing exactly the same things, different levels of profit will be showing in our betting banks.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to operate other peoples Betfair accounts. That is something I will never do, not least because I’m just one bloke with 24 hours in a day, same as everyone else.

That Newsletter will explain in full, what I want to achieve here, by the end of 2020. It will detail exactly what I want to provide for my members, which will be limited to 1000, and I know you will not find the like anywhere else because I have looked.

Enough for now, it’s Saturday and a busy one, as usual.

The racing at Haydock is going to be compromised by what I can only describe as obscene weather over the last 24 hours. Yesterday they provided a going stick reading of 5, which is generally the lowest end of the scale we’ll see anywhere. However, at Haydock they’ll race on anything and in February 2016 they produced a reading of 2.7, which is ridiculous. You cannot actually race on ground like that…..what you get is several runners lobbing around until you get to two from home and then those that do not suffer “wheel spin” go forwards and the rest get left in another parish.

That is most likely what we will see today there. The rains have been absolutely torrential in this are….I’m about 45 minutes from Haydock if they have no roadworks. We were all woken around 3-00am by a thunderstorm, with hail stones battering the windows.

The figures you have are based on a reading of 5….I’ll update this as soon as I get a correct reading….if they’ll dare post it up!

It’s the third Saturday in a row we have had this problem and I’m simply wondering, why? Wincanton figures for Badger day….in the bin, and likewise Cheltenham last weekend.

I’ve looked for those runners proven on heavy and they have been marked with the going icon *….but if I’m right, the ground today will have gone past heavy and most likely close to that description a wag on one of the TV channels used when something similar happened recently, which was “interesting”.

I tend to have my TV on after racing and yesterday afternoon was listening to Tony Calvin and Oli Bell discussing the racing at Haydock and they kept saying, “this horse handles soft, that horse handles soft”, when looking through the card but this will be nothing like soft. Soft is good, soft implies it’s raceable. This will be attritional and proper heavy ground horses will not be getting home on it.

In essence I’m saying, if you are considering betting there, go easy!

Best of luck and have a great day!

Kindest regards



* – SIRE DE GRUGY….+10
* – VANITEUX….+8
* – CEPAGE….+4

NOTES: It would appear to be safe to rule out those with a minus rating…collectively they are 0-21 on the ground.

My top rated would appear to have a brace of significant negatives against it….0-4 ground and the fact he trades favourite and they have done no better than hit the frame in four of the last six runnings.

On the plus side trainer Paul Nicholls has saddled eight in this over the last 10 years, won it twice and placed with one. The horse is the correct age group….six and seven year olds have won seven of the last 10 of these between them.

I’ll be looking to my top three to produce profit.


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