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We have close to 2000 people that take our free Newsletter and it’s now time to reignite the section on the website.

You will not receive my daily figures, nor my OF INTEREST selections but I hope to advise you of a winner or two each month that has you thinking it might well be worth your while getting involved here.

The new NH season is just about to start in anger and early signs are, we’ll do well.

The free Newsletter will be a once a week item, usually on a Friday and contain news of our horses, an update on the performance of the Ratings and OF INTEREST sections, things you might like to consider when looking for a daily bet and, an invitation to take the Saturday figures, which would be in your inbox by 10-00am latest.

You’ll be kept fully up to speed on all activities and projects we are involved in, how well, or otherwise, Tony is doing with his football advice, and much more.

I’ll make sure it’s a good read, if nothing else.

If you ever need to contact me for anything, you know where I am!

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