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Outsider stats updated w/e 3/9/17

Again, counting those 25/1 inside top 6 rated. I may go back to outsiders in general in future, but there are further options when it comes to playing the outsider card.

Hugely disappointing given the paper recording from 2013 on, when both flat and NH were recorded across all prices to reveal this potential play, for outsider prices, which then settled as 25/1 sweet spot. Flat 2015,16,17 showed that 1 25/1 winner in May gave small profits, but also huge losing runs, as did the start of 2014 which started with a losing run of 80. 2014 used other prices than 25/1, had some winners after in June, July, even 3 25/1 wins in same day of 30/8/14 but still got battered. NH is broadly the same, averaging 1 25/1 shot in November for small gains.

This would appear to be one angle that just got lucky for one year across both codes unfortunately, as quite a lot of time invested in recording the data

1/137 -104.7pts betfair SP after 5%, -111pts industry SP. Last week saw other huge wins, but again outside top 6 rated unfortunately

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