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Pricewise, Post Racing, Profits… choose!

As you know, I’ve gone “back to basics” with Post Racing, primarily because I’m again doing everything on my own.

That means the free “daily” newsletter will not actually pop out every day…..I’ll have to call it something else!

I decided on several things recently, one being to cease working on the Goal Posts and Tippedtolose as separate entities. Everything now is once again under the Post Racing banner. You will now find the advices pertaining to lay information and football betting along side the horse racing advice at

Going back to how I used to work has already proven a huge success on the lay side and I’m 100% in that area. Not a single lay has past the winning post first and that’s how it should be. I’m not going to put myself under unnecessary pressure by suggesting I’ll beat the record of 34 consecutive lays beaten and if it happens, it happens.

All that matters is we make a profit.


Over the course of the next week I’ll be having someone purge the newsletter databases of those currently still receiving the Newsletter but whose membership has lapsed.

I know this has cost me a lot of money over the last two years and that has all been down to the fact I’ve been doing everything on my own at this end and, I had the Sensory Garden project to manage.

If you are one of those that have enjoyed the fruits of my labours free, next week it ceases….hope you enjoyed what you got though!

From next year I will have just one membership level. I’m cutting right back on the time I was spending on admin….that was simply ridiculous. I’ll not be doing anything regarding subscription payments that will require me to continually chase up members that have forgotten to pay and do not wish to set up a recurring subscription through PayPal, or BACS.

I’m more than happy for those that subscribe by cheque to do so and if sending post dated cheques to cover an annual subscription is what you yourself might like to do, no problem…unless, of course, they bounce!

I really want to keep things as simple and as efficient as possible. The less time I have for working on finding winners, the less profit we’ll achieve.

The benefits my members will receive for their subscription fee will remain the best offered by any “like” organisation, anywhere. And I will make the layers pay for everything.

If, for the next four weeks, I can keep the top rated players in profit, that will be five of the last six years that has been achieved. It should have been six out of six but the year I let you down came after I had been in hospital for 61 days and we had a wetter summer than we’ve seen this year.

I made no adjustments for that and I should have done. I’m blaming the tablets!

Racing is changing and I’ll make sure those changes do not impinge on your profits. We now regularly see eight race cards and again, being extremely selective will make sure nobody gets carried away and placed in a negative position.

My subscribed members will most definitely need to keep a very close eye on Gary Kelly’s stats pages. He is trawling the ratings daily in search of new micro-systems to introduce to you and they will help us all increase our profitability.

For instance, the more patient members that have paid heed to my constantly badgering them to look at the T Factor micro-systems could have placed just 22 bets since May 1st, had four winners and so far banked a profit of 143 points. The way to have achieved that was to work purely with the icons TH* next to their names. A micro-system well worth a look.

Another T Factor micro-system pulling up trees is T*

If you had backed every single one of those horses so indicated in the morning Newsletter you would have placed 465 bets, saw 53 winners come along an secured a profit so far of £1943.80 to a £10 level stake on those horses, to BFSP.

Given this has been the norm for six years now, save for that one year, I often wonder why some unsubscribe, or make a decision not to get involved at all. Whenever someone does make a decision to leave I contact them right away, to ask why they have chosen that particular day to leave. I very rarely get a reply and the last to do so simply told me they would be back but had secured employment overseas and would not be able to use my work.

So, you’ve read how profitable my work is but you are still going to abstain from joining us. Can I ask why?

If I were to be asking my membership to pay what some tipsters ask, one I know very well asking for over £1000 per annum, I’d fully understand. But Post Racing, for there current top package asks you for 62p per day.

Last week one 500 Club member went racing as an owner when HELOVAPLAN went racing. I even managed to get his wife a badge!

This year alone Post Racing members have been advised each time one of our horses was fancied. Three wins, one of which saw us on at 10/1 and an SP returned of 13/2.

To join us simply visit our subscription section and choose your preferred option. For sure we have packages to suit everyone.

When the new package is announced next summer we’ll have just one level of membership.

It will be available on an annual or monthly basis but I’ll be closing the door one 1000 have joined us. There will be a waiting list created because the nature of this beast is that people come and go.

I have a list as long as my arm of members that have left, returned, left again but also a list of people twice as long, of people that have joined and been around for years now.

They do not do that if the service provided is poor and that is the best testimonial I could ever wish to have.


We have seen another crazy, wet summer but still I’ve managed to produce a profit for those simply working with the top rated horses. At close of play on Sunday 13th August, anyone having £10 on every top rated horse since May 1st would have made a profit of £630.77 after deductions. That’s £42.05 every week of the flat season so far.

To the same date the OF INTEREST selections, which have been nothing remotely as prolific as in previous years, you had a profit of £54.40 over the same period. Yesterday two such advices were in the Newsletter and both won, 7/1 and 5/2….a 27/1 double for those that indulged.

EQUITATION – WON 8/1 > 7/1
(Doncaster 3-05) – 20/80
(Newmarket 3-55) – straight win

Midweek I posted this up on the website, regarding an Irish juvenile I had been waiting for since the season began:
“As you know I’m always on the look out for 2-y-o’s that might well be worth a punt and tomorrow we’ll maybe see one running at Leopardstown that I know is very highly thought of at home.

We all know that anything from the Coolmore yard has to be given serious respect but the same can also be said of those from the yards of Bolger, Lyons, Oxx, Prendergast and Weld.

I have one I may have mentioned to you before entered for the 5-05pm, that Dermott Weld runs for the Moyglare Stud.

CHIARA LUNA is a WAR FRONT filly that also has an entry for a Group 2 on the 20th, and the Group 1 Moyglare at the Curragh in September. Entries on their own mean nothing but Weld told Steve Taplin very early this year that, “she’s one of those I particularly like”

It’s a race I will watch back a few times because I’m thinking a few winners will come from it but if the price allows, a 20/80 might yield a reward.”

That went up the day before it ran. On the morning of the race half the field had been taken out and nine went to post. The morning price of 4, which was advised to members, was rapidly snapped up and the horse won @ 4/5.

I have had to be extremely selective and on many days have advise we simply sit on our hands. It is paying dividends. No point betting when all we have to work with is guesswork and maybes….ask those that have to post up work in the Racing Post if they wish they could advise their readers do the same!

I have been comparing the performance of the top rated horse against the selections provided by Tom Segal (left), Pricewise in the Racing Post.

It’s fair to say he’s had a shocking flat season to date. He is currently -81.95 points since May 1st.

MAY -21.5
JUNE -43.2
JULY -8.25
AUGUST (to date) -9

He took yesterday off.

Paul Kealy, who I rate even more highly than Tom, has, by his own admission, had an awful summer.

The problem anyone has doing the kind of work we do is that things change so fast when we have bad weather that any work done 24 hours before an event is more or less void so, achieving any kind of profit has been seriously difficult. You have to believe I’m chuffed to bits!


I told him that until he’s happy to start betting on Premiership football again, to wait. He told everyone that week one would be nothing but a bag of weird results and he was spot on.

The problem is the darned transfer window. Imagine being Wenger, or Klopp, and having to keep telling porkies about certain players being injured because in reality, they do not want to be at their clubs.

When Tony starts betting again, we’ll make even more money from our betting on sport.

Between us, Gary, Tony and I, we’ll make sure you are armed to the teeth with the very best sports betting information and advice.

Have a great day

Kindest regards


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