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What we, as punters, can do about it

I took one look at that Towcester card today and spat feathers.

The are having a laugh calling that a race meeting, aren’t they? Two x four runner races, a three runner race and one with five. Is anyone really going to pay to enter, to watch that?

The thing is, if punters bet on it, they’ll continue to take the Michael out of us and it will become worse, instead of better.

So, how about punters boycott this rubbish. Do not attend, do not bet on it and make a silent statement that it’s not good enough.

If we do this consistently, they’ll have to do something because if bookmakers are not taking bets to cover the price they pay a racecourse, per race, to enable them to take those bets, someone will have to it up and take notice.

I know for a fact certain trainers want to do something about it but those that do are considered, by the bigger trainers, to be militant and so they’ll not get a consensus.

Take Arena Leisure for instance. Did you read the article in yesterday’s Racing Post? They own several tracks and have now incurred the wrath of William Haggas because of their attitude towards prize money.

A minimum prize money was agreed with the Horsemans Group, that was considered “right” for a certain grade of racing but what Arena did was make a decision to offer that up as the prize money for every race on a card over the Easter weekend, which will see many trainers not enter, let alone declare, to race there.

They are guilty of greed. Simple as that. It is the racecourses that are to blame for this mess we are in because of how the funding arrives in their bank account. They will make a lot of money over the weekend but most decide not to offer that money up by way of prize money.

Arena’s attitude is cynical. It was never intended by the Horsemans group that all races on a card should offer only minimum prize money but Arena has tried to justify it’s position by effectively blaming the Horsemens Group, saying it was they that decided the minimum prize money.

So, do not go to Southwell, do not bet on racing taking place there.

Militant? Me? Nope, i just love my racing and do not want to see it expire, which it will if this carries on.

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