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Laying services now only on Post Racing

We have stumbled from one catastrophe to another with Tippedtolose and when the website was pulled down maliciously I made a decision it would not be going back up.

Everything related to sports betting will now remain on the Post Racing website and a new package called 500 Club Extra will be in place from October that will include access to the lay advice and the football betting advice of Tony Davidson.

He made a decision shortly after taking over The Goal Posts website, to give that up and simply work via Newsletter. However, he will be joining the team here on a part time basis, providing members with his bets and lays for football. Those currently receiving them have e-mailed me regularly to sing his praises and I’m not in the least bit surprised.

The current NH season has proven impossible to work with due to the very poor quality racing in midweek and the quality of a weekend, which then means we are looking to lay horses at big prices, which is not what this is about at all.

A new strategy will be put in place next winter that will see regular lay advice going out, to compliment the superb work produced by Tony.

I am also now looking at working on summer jump racing for the very first time and together we will monitor the first month (May), and then decide whether to progress it, or bin it.

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