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Bournemouth v West Ham

I do not have many game to have a bet on this weekend and this is the only game today I feel a bet is on.

The games between Everton and West Brom and that between Hull and Swansea do not appeal at all especially that second one.

The reason I am going to have a bet here is that I see both teams scoring a goal. Bournemouth have let at least 1 in, in 9 games all comps and West Ham have not kept a clean sheet for 6 now.

Right now a point would do both teams and that’s probably whats going to happen.

I’m interested in the fact that every goal the Hammers have scored against Bournemouth so far, in the Premiership, have been scored in the second half of the game. I think that’s because Bournemouth go for it from the off and the opposition have to wait for the legs to go a bit.

If Bournemouth get a pen expect them to score because they haven’t missed one of the 7 they’ve been given this season. But if West Ham get a pen, expect the Bournemouth goalie to save it. He has saved 4 of the last 7 he has had taken against him.

The Hammers and Bournemouth are not winning games at the moment and between them they have only won 1 of the last 13.

It smacks of a score draw to me and I’ll bet that happens.


1-1 – .5 POINT

Good luck


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