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Flat pointers/trends for the future

Top rated– Cl4+ + 10 to +19. Or filter further for Cl2+ +10 to +19 which reduces the plays and LSP, but nullifies the awful 2015 season. Cl4+ avg profit +43.75pts over 4 seasons inc loss of 2015. Cl2+ avg +27.25pts over 4 seasons, 62.14% of the profit but Cl4+ avgs 3.5 x more plays
– rated, losses both seasons, 20+ rated and natural progression are broadly neutral.

T Factor– only the following (varying degrees of success)in profit both seasons, sole TH, top T*, top TS, top TS*, top 3 TS.
Sole TS, sole TS*, sole TSH and highest rated TS* need monitoring for potential, but with decent one off profits among them.

Ron’s play – stick to advised play rather than straight win

Bottom rated– look to win bet through May or 5th June latest. Then lay option

Outsider 25/1 shot in top 6 rated– again a losing season in full, however, 4 wins this and last season to end June/4th July returns approx 70pts betfair SP after 5%. no further wins last season, only 1 this, and overal -62pts loss and -37pts this season

Top 3 rated– clearly two poor full flat seasons for CSF/tricasts. Not for playing blindly, and many of those that do come up, the returns are too small for level stakes play. I still think minimum £60/70 before CSF play, and £200 tricast

Of Interest– jury’s out. One winning season and one losing. Debit balance overall. Advised play trumps straight win for now.

20 to Follow– again jury’s out, especially as recorded as straight win bet to level stakes. One win season, on losing, overall in debit balance

Race Profiling– agan jury’s out, as Ascot provides virtually all profit this season. One win season, one losing. Credit balance, and straight win better play.

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Ron’s play stats updated w/e 19/11/17

4(10)/32 -11.93pts betfair SP after 5% (-9.25pts as advised play)

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