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Top 3 rated stats updated w/e 21/8/16

As for last flat season, and the NH season just passed, I will be recording primarily those CSF/exacta bets that should potentially return £60+, and tricasts that should return £200+

I have previously recorded on old forums how hard it was to make dutching work on a level stakes basis and on every rated race. It has been well noted that the approx dutch return is approx 200% on a 34-35% historic SR.

This season on the flat, I am recording the results to level stakes and across all rated races what playing all top 3 to SP would (inc natural progression) return

231/675 -171.96pts betfair SP before 5% deductions. Like dutching, too many short price winners on a daily basis to justify blind backing ever race at level stakes

CSF 15/450, £125.39/£135.20, £46.89/£66.30, £54.36/£74.30, £130.41/£172.20, £44.88/£49.40, £111.40/£143.40, £57.34/£50.30, £95.71/£103.90, £346.25/£178.30, £53.98/£50.30, £76.43/£108.70, £54.58/£60.80, £104.02/£124.30, £56.14/£56.10, £65.28/£71.50

= -1257(CSF)/-1252(exacta)

This loss carries a caveat as I have assumed a full 6pts per reverse combination, but many will only have the two bets in the combination due to individual prices. It may be that, as previous data on the old site blog attests, that will avg around 4 bets per race over the course of the season.

Tricasts 2/411 £631, £443 = -1392pts

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