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-40/bottom rated stats w/e 28/8/16

Bottom 63/709 -64.14pts betfair SP, -85.53pts after 5%, -172.76pts industry SP
-40 bottom 47/551, -92.34pt betfair SP, -113.74pts after 5%, -176.24pt industry SP

-40 prospective flat system 22/290, -85.47pt loss betfair SP, -103.61pts after 5%, -125.44pt loss industry SP. Kaaber 46

Official season ratings started 5th May. This is why I record bottom rated and look to see if there is going to be a specific stat or angle that can be exploited (despite the flat system not being devised by myself). Anyone who ever reads this should probably have packed up for the season based on every bottom rated winner after 5% deduction after a month with Confessional’s win on 5.6.16 high point + 84.77pts after 5% deduction

A lot more bottom rated winners this week inc Amy Blair, which was a disppointing betfair SP in relatiom to its industry 50/1 SP

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