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-40/bottom rated stats updated w/e 17/7/16

Bottom 42/443 -53.66pts betfair SP, -67.65pts after 5%, -115.71pts industry SP

-40 bottom 31/357, -49.93pt betfair SP, -64.57pts after 5%, -100.94pt industry SP

-40 prospective flat system 10/172, -94.59pt loss betfair SP, -98pts after 5%, -103.92pt loss industry SP

Official season ratings started 5th May. This is why I record bottom rated and look to see if there is going to be a specific stat or angle that can be exploited (despite the flat system not being devised by myself). Anyone who ever reads this should probably have packed up for the season based on every bottom rated winner after 5% deduction a month ago as results have fallen away terribly of late. But such is the point of recording data to find if there are any long term patterns within the ratings

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