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O Interest stats updated w/e 12/6/16

22(36)/105, +17.36pts profit to betfair SP before 5% (+4.9pts as advised play)

Still ahead and very much helped by a betfair SP win @ 24 this week

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Of Interest stats updated w/e 5/11/17

3(7)/19 -0.52pts to betfair SP before 5% deduction (-0.77pts as advised)


  1. I can understand why some people leave, you started as free as lot of other sites, now though some of us cannot afford to pay when we bet small amounts, as you mention bills come first. On a pension these monthly fees cannot be justified for a hobby.

    • Hi Bill, I did start as “free” and as the number of people that were interested in my work increased, it became more and more expensive for me to produce my work, set up websites, create Newsletters, buy webspace, seek hosting, buy skills in to help me with technical issues, etc etc etc etc etc….the bills simply started mounting up.

      When I first started doing this and providing my work for free I was also doing a day job and eventually took the decision to do this full time.

      I then asked those interested in taking my figures to select a package that initially saw the lowest priced package cost just £10 per month. That’s 30p per day.

      Now I have several packages that range from £2.50 per weekend, to £25 per month. The package costing £25 per month offers members an opportunity to go racing as owners, with horses costing £150,000 and to enjoy the hospitality of Highclere Racing.

      The Weekend Club package, which equates to £10 per month you honestly believe cannot be justified for a hobby? All hobby cost money….try taking up fishing and see how much a bucket of maggots costs!

      In all honesty if, irrespective of whether or not someone is on a pension, what Post Racing requests for membership…and the most expensive package is just 62p per day….is unacceptable, then those unable to subscribe cannot afford to bet, wouldn’t you agree?

      If someone had followed the stats pages run by Gary then a profit would have been made to not only cover the subscription fee but also provide a profit so it only becomes unaffordable if all anyone does is lose money following the advice, wouldn’t you agree?

      Over the last few days I provided, totally free, access to winners at 16/1, a CSF that paid £84 to £1, and more.

      I’m not sure what more I can do?

  2. Bill

    Gary has been helpfully publishing his stats on a weekly basis for the past 3 and a bit seasons. The following is a summary of how the ratings have performed since November 2014:

    Top rated after 5% BF comms: minus 158.27 points

    Sole T* after 5% BF comms: minus 79.9 points (since May 2015)

    Profiling before 5% BF comms (advised): minus 6.26 points
    Profiling before 5% BF comms (to BF SP): minus 33.04 points

    Of Interest before 5% BF comms (advised): plus 23.2 points
    Of Interest before 5% BF comms (to BF SP): plus 35.45 points


  3. Hello Ron

    I’m assuming so. I just went through Gary’s season-end figures including Summer 2016 to date and totted them up.


    • Thanks, Paul.

      One of the things anyone reading should realise is that punting every race is most likely going to produce a minus figure. I myself would never do that and in the text added to races often advise it’s a no bet race.

      What we saw in 2013, a summer that produced a profit of 370+ points, was the last year of settled weather. I’m thinking that through the winter of 2013-2014 I must have been screaming from my hospital bed that betting on horses was tantamount to walking in front of a bus. The summer of 2014 was virtually the same, and I cannot recall a summer or winter these past two years that wasn’t completely ruined by the rains.

      I have constantly told members that when it rains, do not bet. This June is already the wettest ever recorded and what we will all have to do is work only when we get settled conditions.

      We had such a spell at the start of June and made tremendous profits.

      In the two weeks leading up to the Royal meeting I offered to try and find non-members a profit to enable them to subscribe to the Special but the first week provided weak rain and I offered nothing. The week prior though the racing was strong and finding winners was as easy as shelling peas. I was also able to post up a very competitive handicap containing a top rated horse that was advised the play and won @ 16/1.

      It’s simply all about being selective. Nobody should ever be looking to play every rated race….whatever the weather is doing.

      What has also become more apparent than in 2013 is the sheer volume of bad horses in training keeping tracks like Brighton, Bath, Yarmouth etc alive and a decision was made early this month to cease rating those races. All they were doing was punching holes in the profitability of the Ratings.

      Last week I e-mailed Gary and asked him to confirm that in 2013 the bulk of the 370+ points profit was gained between the months of June-September and, that stopping mid September would have actually seen a profit in excess of 400 points secured but we dropped something like 35 points over that final two week period.

      The ratings are never “tips”, as everyone knows…it would be the same as the top weight in a handicap being a “tip” produced by the official handicapper and they are intended to highlight the potential errors made by the official handicapper.

      Icons were recently introduced to indicate certain things like going, draw and horses that had travelled. When we get dry weather, they work, when the rains fall and we suffer a going change, they struggle so, it’s simply a case of those receiving them to work with them sensibly.

      Most do…such as the member that bought himself a Jag at the end of last month.

      I’m always available to reply to anyone asking me for information and advice on how best to use the figures but certainly, Gary’s stats highlight what is working, and when.

      Kindest regards


    • Unfortunately I’m logged in as Tony right now for editing purposes but it’s definitely me responding!

  4. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply in such detail, Ron.



  5. If it gets rated or posted then it gets recorded for stats purposes, in order to help as best as possible. Remember, when I record this data, there are no other systems or paid for services used or any independent form reading taking place. This is just about the numbers only

    Of interest/profiling etc I will record as straight win as well as Ron’s advised play, just to see if one performs better long term than the other, and this is also why they are split into the individual season codes. So sometimes you may get a sense that 20 to follow doesn’t work as a straight win bet at level stakes win bet for every time a horse runs while the flat may outperform that. But they are recorded on the basis of a bet every time one of them runs purely because these are strongly filtered into a shortlist

    As for top rated… same thinking .If it gets rated it gets recorded, without assuming every horse will be bet. As for going, it is important, however even a few seasons back and on the old site and forum I think I recorded the % of horses who won with no previous going win as recorded on the email briefing in the morning

    Again, this is about numbers. I know some hate certain tracks but if we can establish if this can be overcome with data on the class or distance or even the rating itself, then it gets recorded. This is a long term project, and why you will have seen anything over 12f get rated, and even when Ron lets one in, I never record it; same goes for early season when a 3y-o+ hcap with a 3y-o running in it doesn’t get recorded!

    Other sites give access to RPR, OR and ven timeform rating which can be used with one’s own form reading. But what I do is record it if it gets rated and hopefully point the way to see what works and when, and, just as importantly, the reverse.

    It’s also why I have mentioned in the past if anyone has ideas of wht they would like to be recorded for stats (time permitting). This is why I look at flitering the exotics, and use bottom -40 etc

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