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Northern Ireland v Germany

Tony DavidsonI can understand why, under normal circumstances, Northern Ireland would be 12/1 to win this but, on what I have seen so far I cannot understand the Germans being 1/3?

They have only scored 1 goal in normal time so far, couldn’t muster a goal against Poland and were given a game by Ukraine, the side Northern Ireland beat far more easily even if they also needed an injury time goal to get their second goal.

The thing is Germany have the same problem England have. They are struggling for goals. They will have the majority of the ball and while the Germans has the midfield to open up defences, they don’t have a proper striker to finish it all off.

England has the strikers but nobody clever enough to open up a defence.

The Germans have a knack of growing into a tournament though and I do expect them to win the game tonight. I do not see NI getting much ball to work with at all and they’ll be as under the cosh as they were against Poland in their first game.

How many goals Germany will score is the thing.

What I was surprised to find is that NI have actually won 2 of the last 14 games against the Germans, although the last time they did beat them was 1983.

If the Irish lads are going to score it’s likely to be a dead ball situation they score from as 7 of the last 10 have been 4 corners and 3 free kicks.

In competitions the Germans are simply very hard to beat. They have lost only 1 of their last 15 games in world Cups and Euros and won 12.

I’m expecting the Germans to be going for it from the off as they will want to top this group and my feeling is they’ll be winning at half time and full time and as that pays evens, I’ll have 3 points.


Good luck


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