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England v Wales

Tony DavidsonI can imagine the number of sickies being thrown all over the country probably suggest we have a pandemic out there today.

I’m getting sick to death now of Romania and penalties. That’s twice they’ve scored from the spot in the tournament in their 2 games and stopped me banking a profit from a game.

Can any team have had so many spot kicks in the same tournaments past and present?

So pleased to get my first lay beat on the other site and did’n fancy a bet on that France game at all.

This game has been in the news for days now and I have been taking no notice of all the rubbish being said by anyone.

I have just looked at both teams, seen both games and the fact is that if England can convert the chances they will make then they will win the game.

Wales did well to beat Slovakia in the opening game but England won’t give Bale the same space or let him have the same service. Snuff Bale out, you snuff out the major threat they have.

Slovakia had slightly more possession than Wales on the day but Hamsik couldn’t do what he did yesterday when he had the chances to do so.

I came away thinking a draw would have been a fair result and would expect England to beat Slovakia easily so, logically, I expect England to beat Wales today.

Slovakia beat Russia yesterday but they rode their luck, just as Russia did against England and I still wonder how they came away with only a draw. England’s problem was their finishing with just 5 shots on target compared to 8 off target.

If England play in the same fashion I will be surprised if they fail to keep the Welsh lads quiet and win the game.

Of the 85 times they have met each other Wales have won just 14 while England have won 66. The last time Wales beat England was in 1984.

5 points England to win @ 13/20

Good luck


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