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Top Rated stats updated w/e 6/9/15

Top Rated 125/849 -75.3pts, -120.31pts after 5% -193.07 industry SP

0-9 68/383 +19.51pts after 5% Wins @ 23.7, 26.9, 22.07, 16.17
10-19 46/353 -99.91pts after 5%
20+ 0/8 -8pts
– rating 11/105 -20.14pts after 5%. Win @ 14.75, 20.23
NP 8/57 -25pts after 5%

Roundings to be adjusted

NB Excludes all distances >12f. And 3y-o+ hcaps with 3y-o’s running, even if just one, up until Jun 30th

In the past, I’ve looked at SP and the OR for flat winners. I tend to think anything under 3 or 4/1 should be left alone, as should anything in the 40-49 OR rating. Recording winners this season, those top RPR or within 1 or 21bs do well (sometimes OR is better, but less often and again within 2lbs of top).

I may update other data at season’s end, or at the summary stage for a breakdown to take forward into future seasons and see if there are true patterns to help reduce bets and increase SR and ROI

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