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Today’s Ratings and Advice 18/09/15

Ron RobinsonI hate it when that happens!

I had spent 30 minutes on text, saved it, tried to move across to a the section containing the figures, to input my figures for today and found the lot had disappeared.

This happened yesterday with The Goal Posts Newsletter and we’ll be getting that out again today.

Please find today’s Ratings below….hopefully!

I had explained I would be profiling the Ayr Gold Cup and that I’m hoping HIGHLAND ACCLAIM is the horse that pops up there…I’ve been banging the drum for that horse, for that race, since May and his run in last weekend’s Portland Handicap looked to me a cracking prep for this race.


Ayr / Fri 18 Sep
Updated @ Thu 17 Sep

Going/Track Good, Good to Soft in places (GoingStick: Overall: 7.6; SPRINT: Stands’ Side: 7.3; Centre: 7.6; Far Side: 7.4 on Thursday at 12:15)

Rails: Bends moved out approx. 4 yds from innermost line adding approx. 12yds to distances over 7f to 1m; approx. 24yds to 2m1f.

Stalls: 5f & 6f: Centre 7f: Outside Remainder: Inside

WeatherPast 24hrs = Dry, max 15c. Thursday – Predominantly dry day with sunny spells, showers possible overnight (< 2mm), Max 14c. Friday/Saturday: Mostly dry with sunny spells Max. 15c. Recent rainfall: Fri 11th - 0.3 mm; Sat 12th - 1mm; Sun 13th - 4 mm; Mon 14th - 5mm. Newbury / Fri 18 Sep Updated @ Thu 17 Sep Going/TrackSoft (GoingStick: 5.1 on Thursday at 15:45) Rails: All rail has been moved in so all round course races will be published distances. Stalls: Centre of course straight course; inside rail round course. Weather Last 24hrs we have had 19.7mm. Thursday - Risk of scattered showers Max 15 min 10 Friday - Sunshine and a risk of showers Max 17 min 7 Saturday - Dry with long sunny spells max 18 ICONS * - Indicates their having won previously on the going as currently described § - Indicates best drawn T - Indicates a horse having made a round trip of 300 miles or more H - Indicates horses sporting headgear for the first time (blinkers, hood, cheekpieces, tongue-tie etc) FINAL FIGURES AYR 3-05 T§* -NEW BIDDER....+18 T* - SIGNORE PICCOLO....+13 T§ - KINGLAMI....+13 T* - RURAL CELEBRATION....+13 T - YOUR PAL TAL....+12 T* - DRAGON KING....+9 T§ - YEEOOW....+9 T* - FLYMAN....+9 T* - MASS RALLY....+8 T§* - GRAMERCY....+8 T§* - PIAZON....+7 T* - GRISSOM....+1 T§ - SUPPLICANT....-1 T* - MY NAME IS RIO....-1 TH* - FAST SHOT....-4 T* - RODRIGO DE TORRES....-7 TIGER JIM....-9 § - BERTIEWHITTLE....-11 T - GO FAR....-19 T§ - ARCTIC FEELING....-21 T - ROUDEE....-22 T§ - ADAM'S ALE....-27 T - MUKAYNIS....-29 T - BADDILINI....-33 T - CAPRIOR BERE....-40 NOTES: The two races here....brilliant. I simply love working with races like this....huge field, a need for getting a draw bias right, the ground (hopefully!), remaining as it was when I started work on it....and if I get it right, a seriously decent dividend returned. Here I have a top rated horse having all three icons I wanted sitting next to a horse from the start of the season. The "T" is not as important as it would be normally because trainers sending horses here have little choice in that matter but daw/ground are right, the horse is in form, and NEW BIDDER is my 20/80. For a dutch in come the highest rated horse having the * icon....SIGNORE PICCOLO and RURAL CELEBRATION. Exotics too but if I have found a winner, that will do. AYR 3-40 T§* - GOWANHARRY....+11 T§ - RITA'S BOY....+11 T* - MISS MULLBERRY....+10 T§* - EL VIENTO....+9 T - PEA SHOOTER....+9 §* - CLASSY ANNE....+9 COMPTON HEIGHTS....+8 T* - MEGALEKA....+/-0 T* - APRICOT SKY....-3 T* - JACK LUEY....-5 T - COSMIC CHARTER....-7 T* - RUSTY ROCKET....-7 T§ - STRAITS OF MALACCA....-11 T - ANONYMOUS LADY....-15 THORNTOUN LADY....-17 T§ - SEARCHLIGHT....-18 T - FRDRICKA....-19 T§ - INXILE....-19 T - NOBLE ASSET....-20 T - JEBEDIAH SHINE....-21 T - LUIS VAZ DE TORRES....-26 T§ - HONEYSUCKLE LIL....-27 T - LANDING LIGHT....-34 T§ - MONEY TEAM....-35 T - ONE BOY....-36 NOTES: Three in my top six having ground/draw and again, a top rated horse having all three....I'll simply set up my dutch - GOWANHARRY, EL VIENTO and CLASSY ANNE...exotics same three plus a 20/80 my top rated. NEWBURY 2-45 * - SATELLITE....+8 PLUTOCRACY....+/-0 KEEP IN LINE....-13 STEPPE DAUGHTER....-17 PRIORS BROOK....-24 PERRAULT....-27 SWEET DREAM....-27 SWING EASY....-40 PRESCIENCE....-40 OCEANE....-40 NOTES: In all three races here we have no draw bias to concern us and so it's a simple selection process for three for everything, a 20/80 those horse carrying that * icon sitting in my top three and, exotics. They got a right old drowning down there recently and having won on soft certainly won't hurt...whilst not having won on it certainly might! NEWBURY 5-30 * - NAVAJO CHIEF....+7 TUNNEL CREEK....-1 ALNASHAMA....-2 KASTINI....-14 * - CRAFTMANSHIP....-20 BNEDEL....-20 * - SHIELA'S BUDDY....-31 BALMORAL CASTLE....-40 GOLDEN EMERALD....-40 WOLF ALBARADI....-40 CREDIT SWAP....-40 NEWBURY 6-00 STAR SYSTEM....-17 * - CALM ATTITUDE....-19 PRAIRIE TOWN....-25 BERLAND....-36 RIZAL PARK....-40 HONEYMOON COCKTAIL....-40 ONE PEKAN....-40 PRESBURG....-40 ATWIX....-40 Have a brilliant day and the best of luck Kindest regards Ron

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