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Jumping Prospects 2015/2016 out now!

Ron RobinsonI’ve been a fan of the book for years and my copy came through the letterbox this morning.

I first met John when I was a postman in Bootle on Merseyside, delivering my mail to shops on Knowsley Road.

He was coming out of the Arthur Prince betting shop, a hand full of leaflets that promoted his book, Jumping Prospects in his fist and, recognising him I introduced myself and said that if he game me a stack of them, I’d deliver them with my mail.

Over the next few years I’d make a point of buying his book as soon as it hit the shelves in Smith’s.

John knows his stuff. He has built up a network of contacts over the years that I’m envious of and let’s be honest here, you do not last long doing what John does, unless you have a passion for doing it and, are very good at what you do.

John MorrisJohn went on to present a very popular programme on Radio Merseyside and it’s evident from the names that have been kind enough to write a foreword in his book each year that he is held in high regard amongst those in the game. This year Ben Pauling tells us that the book produced 100 winners from 425 runners and that’s a strike rate any punter on the good planet that is Earth would be happy to enjoy.

One of our members e-mailed me over a wholly unconnected issue and I responded by wishing him all the best for the coming winter, and that I hoped he enjoys a profit from it.

His reply was flattering to my Ratings but he also made a point of telling me that he was very much looking forward to receiving John’s book on the 18th of September.

I know, for certain that working with the figures and the book works a treat. I’ve sat here and rated a race and then read John’s thoughts on a horse I’m liking the look of myself and checking his comments regarding preferred conditions etc.

To purchase a copy of Jumping Prospects simply visit John’s website

Good luck for the coming NH season!

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