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Today’s Ratings and Advice 26/08/15

Ron RobinsonThe only way I can describe what I watched yesterday was farcical.

We had jockeys at Brighton describing conditions as dangerous, those same jockeys were involved in “words” with other jockeys that obviously do not make as much money as those believing racing should be called off and wanting to ride.

Matt Chapman reported jockeys were telling him that what was going on out on the track was not race riding but merely jockeys pointing their horses in the right direction and hoping they finished in front.

Matt interviewed a trainer who was desperate for his horse to run because, “I have an even money favourite in a four horse race!”. The safety of participants, man or beast, was not at the forefront of his mind. His horse finished last of four.

The management down there also lied to everyone regarding the conditions. It had rained non-stop yet until the first race had been run, they did not change their going description from soft to heavy. It was worse than heavy.

I’m not a fan of Matt Chapman, he’s to loud for me, but he asked a perfectly reasonable question.

If they had held an inspection on the understanding the ground was already bad, with a view to rain making it unsafe, why then did they race when it rained non-stop? The car and ambulance that follow the runners couldn’t even see them once the races started. By his admission, when he went to inspect conditions after jockeys told him it was dangerous, water was pooling on the track and he wanted to assess it.

Spectators could only see the last 100 yards or so and you’d question whether they got value for money!

That bookmakers were permitted to price those races up was criminal. If any punter bet on it, they deserve everything they got.

I make some poor decisions at times but the one not to work with that racing yesterday was brilliant!


I’m not even looking at Bath. I’ll not even bother watching it. It’s turning soft, they expect more rain and you’ll see horses running all over the track, looking for the better ground.

Lingfield has transferred all turf races to the all weather track because their turf is waterlogged.

Catterick and Musselburgh. We have two races from both meetings below and they have been rated on the understanding that Catterick is merely soft and Musselburgh having genuine good ground.

If either alters then I’m simply tossing the lot into the bin. Catterick is expecting more rain from around 8-00am this morning and it’ll continue through the morning.

Musselburgh possibly gives us our best chance of doing anything but I’m not even considering playing until I seen what happens early doors.

I’m afraid this is going to be the way of things whilst we have this weather. By all accounts we now have a cyclone heading our way which is going to make things even worse and on the news this morning it was announced that some areas of the country we’ve seen a months worth of rain fall in the first half of this week.

Right now it’s not even for watching and we’ll just have to bide our time before looking to add to the profits accumulated via those T Factor horses.


Bath / Wed 26 Aug
Updated @ Tue 25 Aug

Going/Track Good to Soft, Soft in Places 7 mm throughout today. (GoingStick: 7.4 on Monday at 07:30)

Stalls: 5f, 5.5f & 2m1f – Centre 1m2f & 1m – Inside 1m5f – Outside

Weather Forecast: Weds; Rain from early hours to mid morning poss 5-8mm, Drier PM Max temps 18C

Catterick Bridge / Wed 26 Aug
Updated @ Tue 25 Aug

Going/Track Soft (GoingStick: 6.9 on Monday at 07:45)

Rails: Bend turning into home straight moved out by 5yds Bend after winning post moved out 3yds 6f and 7f races increased by 15yds 1m 4f race increased by 21yds 2m race increased by 36yds

Stalls: 1m 4f – Centre Remainder – Inside

Weather Dry overnight 21.5mm rain Saturday/Sunday Forecast: Tuesday – Dry day with sunny spells. Possible light rain overnight, 1-2mm Wednesday – Sunshine and scattered light showers <0.5mm Musselburgh / Wed 26 Aug Updated @ Tue 25 Aug Going/Track Good (GoingStick: 7.2 on Tuesday at 07:15) Rails: Rails in the inner most Position Distances as advertised Stalls: 5f and 2m Centre Remainder Inside Watering: Watered 7mm Friday Weather Dry 24 hours 12mm Saturday 2mm Sunday Dry and bright morning Tuesday - Dry Bright with light winds Wednesday - Showery Breezy Thursday - Scattered Showers ICONS * - Indicates their having won previously on the going as currently described § - Indicates best drawn T - Indicates a horse having made a round trip of 300 miles or more H - Indicates horses sporting headgear for the first time (blinkers, hood, cheekpieces, tongue-tie etc) FINAL FIGURES CATTERICK 4-10 * - CADEAUX PEARL....+10 AMIS REUNIS....+9 §* - JUST THE TONIC....+9 * - MASKED DANCE....+8 LAUGHING ROCK....+6 * - BETTY BOO....-3 § - PACO'S SUNSHINE....-8 * - LLEWELLYN....-12 § - BOSHAM....-22 ASHA....-27 GOADBY....-40 § - A J COOK....-40 CATTERICK 5-15 §* - KEEP IT DARK....+10 * - SIR GEOFFREY....+10 § - EVEN STEVENS....+8 §* - ELAND ALLY....+7 * - WINDFORPOWER....+5 * - DOC CHARM....-6 § - PERFECT PEAK....-7 BUSY BIMBO....-16 § - PERFECT WORDS....-18 IMPERIAL LEGEND....-32 GALVANIZE....-35 PRIGSNOV DANCER....-37 MUSSELBURGH 3-00 T§* - NOBLE ASSET....+11 T* - INNOCENTLY....+10 §* - FUNDING DEFICIT....+10 §* - COMPTON HEIGHTS....+10 * - BUNCE....+7 T* - I'LL BE GOOD....+1 T* - LEXINGTON PLACE....+/-0 T* - SECRET ASSET....-10 T§ - SEARCHLIGHT....-17 JINKY....-19 T - BOWSON FRED....-19 MUSSELBURGH 4-00 * - RALPHY BOY....+10 * - RASAMAN....+8 T - SOPHISTICATED HEIR....-6 * - CIRCUITOUS....-9 * - DARK CRYSTAL....-10 T* - SPACE WAR....-12 T* - JUST PAUL....-17 T - QUADRIGA....-17 T - RED CHARMER....-24 Have a brilliant day and the best of luck Kindest regards Ron

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