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Predictably unpredictable

Tony DavidsonThe first two weekends of the new season really could have been predicted. Not the results, just the results.

Sorry if I am confusing you I do look at what the members are putting up as their Pick 3 selections on The Goal Posts forum and the overall results of their picks have been awful. Sorry lads but its true.

Only one player has managed to find 3 correct results so far and he was lucky because Liverpool should have lost on Monday and thats a Liverpool supporter who was there speaking. If they had lost Ron would have kept his tenner in his pocket.

I will not bet on football for at least another 2 weeks. So many players still lack match fitness and the usual sight at this stage of a team that will be fighting relegation doing well at first is again there in Leicester.

Last season Villa started well, the season before it was West Brom and I am delighted that my own team, who look about two yards off the pace of a proper Premier league side, have won 2 games, and have not conceded a goal. The performance doesn’t matter a bit.

New faces need time to get to know their team mates, the speed the game is played at here, and I reckon it will be October before we will see a proper good game of football.

West Ham kind of demonstrate what I mean. They go to Arsenal and win. They then play at home and lose whilst Arsenal go away to a team that won first weekend, and win. If you are going to think about having a bet then look at backing those teams you know will be struggling come May. They will be kicking every ball as if their life depends on it right now and will work their socks off.

Bournemouth played really well at Anfield but have no Premier League strikers. Work rate alone gets you so far but eventually the legs go and you start getting stuffed.

They are away to West Ham this weekend and if this were October, I would expect the Hammers to win easily. That would depend on the team that won at Arsenal turning up. I have no clue as to whether or not they will.

The only team that has looked anything like a team is Manchester City. Leicester are getting by on sheer graft and players like Mahrez and Vardy will start to struggle when fitness is no longer an issue with opposition players.

The only thing I am certain about at this point is that Sunderland are the worst team I have ever seen kicking a ball in the Premier league. They have at least 2 players who would struggle to get in a League 1 side.

We will start to see normal service resumed, I reckon, weekend September 12th and I will post up my first bets then.

If you think I’m wrong about all this, try winning the Pick 3 competition on The Goal Posts Forum this weekend and see how you get on.

See you through the week with my opinion on what happened over the next 3 days.

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