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T factor stats updated w/e 19/7/15

Sole T* (can also include other symbols, ie T*S as long as no other T*) 11/103 -50.15pts
Sole TS 7/37 +72.28pts after 5% deduction
Sole TH 3/19 +11.29pts
Sole T*S 5/35 +10.01pts

Sole TSH 1/6 -0.63pt
Sole T*H 1/9 -10.69pt
Sole T*SH 0/2 -2pt

Highest rated with T*S 7/562 -5.06pts after 5% deduction

Top T 18/100 +1.6pts
Top T* 12/66 +8.77pts
Top TS 5/23 +3.25pt
Top TH 1/6 +6.49pt
Top T*S 5/17 +8.25pt

Top TSH 0/1 -1pt
Top T*H 1/4 +8.49pt
Top T*SH

Top 3 T 31/228 +51.05pts
Top 3 T* 25/178 -9.82pts
Top 3 TS 8/50 +109.17pts
Top 3 TH 1/15 -2.51pt
Top 3 T*S 7/36 +18.43pts
Top 3 TSH 0/2 -2pt
Top 3 T*H 1/8 +6.49pt
Top 3 T*SH 0/1 -1pt

All T 81/827 -98.98pts
All T* 35/389 -74.12pts
All TS 20/185 +58.43pts
All TH 3/23 +7.29pt

All T*S 2/82 -12.24pts
All TSH 1/3 +2.37pt
All T*H 1/11 +4.49pt

All T*SH 0/2 -2pt

Compare to all with a minimum of *S 37/417 -16.21pts before 5% deduction.

Top 3 with minimum of *S 23/172 +52.23pts

Highest rated with a minimum of *S 20/155 +13.78pts

It seems obvious now to stick to those within top 3 rated. A top 3 T$ 33/1 shot going off at 64.75 on betfair, with others going off 20+, inc 26.39 for a TS, and 26.47 for a *S last week help.

I will eventaully edit the purely profitable angles and hopefully give an at-a-glance idea of whre strength really lies re: ROI and reduced bets, but as this is the first season using these stats, I will let the season ride out, instead of chopping and changing tables week-by-week

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