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-40/bottom system stats updated w/e 5/7/15

-40 22/258 -15.59pts, -26.65pts after 5% deduction, -64.43pts industry SP. Again, more profits shedded from early season and approx 75pts lost in last month

wins @ 19.6, 29.93, 27, 15.5

bottom 38/375 +18.77pts, +0.86pts after 5% deduction, -57.1pts industry SP. Again, approx 75pts profit dropped in last month

wins @ 17.5, 19.6, 29.93, 45.86, 27, 15.61, 15.55

I have also found the basics of a flat equivalent of the NH -40 system that was discovered by the same member. I am recording it although no idea of its longevity or reliability. When it was first mooted, the member only had figures for the partial season 2012 whre it recorded 14/95 +62pts. I did start recording it for 2013. I no longer have that spreadsheet I think as I abandoned it when it was taking a thumping loss

For now, it is 10/116 +4.84 to betfair SP, -0.19pts after 5% deduction, -18.3pts to industry SP. Another slide here, without a winner in almost 3 weeks, hence caution in promoting it as a viable long term winning strategy
wins @ 19.6, 29.93

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