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Top 3 rated stats updated w/e 7/6/15

1/173 tricasts 1038pts staked, loss of -£956.23pts

21/211 CSF’s (173+38) = 1266pts staked (1114 if play top 2 in races up to 7 runners), loss of -254.08pts/-219.3pts. NB 2 CSFS lasr week in races with fewer than 8 runners but not rated 1-2

£84.01/£111.60, £64.97/£104.50, £60.35/£83.50, £65/£57.80, £223.81/160.70

I think it is best to avoid these until the right minimum return is attained. I suggest around £200 return from tricast, and £60/£70 from CSF/exacta

Borne out by current performance, and would apply to dutching as well, where the SR is around 34-36% on avg over the years. That would look for around 150-200% return as a minimum to avoid losses

NB, there will be races that end up with just 4 runners, ergo no CSF, so the total no. of races may be fewer than that for top/bottom rated

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