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Today’s Ratings and Advice 06/04/15

Ron RobinsonThe T* horse really are putting early runs on the board and yesterday Michelle came very close to repeating her recent feat in putting several together and scooping a seriously good dividend.

I received an e-mail from her yesterday afternoon telling me she had again placed that 13p e.w. Lucky 15 and seen the first come home second at 11/2, the next one go in @ 9/1, the third scoot in at 6/1 and she had been so tempted to cash out at that point.

I actually felt a tad guilty because that last race should not have been in the Newsletter and from now onwards, will not be.

A nice return off a patent would have been achieved off the first three races in each of which only one T* horse existed.

What it does have me doing is thinking we have the potential for a stunning summer of betting. Gary and I had discussed some time ago that it may well be we mirror the summer of 2013. If that happens the layers have absolutely no chance.


We have had no luck going racing with Harry in the last two months but how brilliant was it to see him winning that Grade 1 in ireland with BITOFAPUZZLE.

In the summer I will be going down to speak with him and discuss how we can progress our working together next winter. I want horses running in our own colours with him and I want to get you to Cheltenham as owners.


It is a Bank Holiday day of racing but I am sticking rigidly to my guns and ignoring NH racing for Ratings purposes.

We have the figures for Redcar below.

Once this goes out I will be working on the Irish Grand National as I have had several requests to do this. I will post this up on the website only and it will be free to access as it’s nothing I will utilise myself.


For those that have yet to read this….

We are not having a happy time of it right now.

We had been due to race but I had a feeling something might not be 100% right when little if anything was coming through to me from Harry’s place.

I received this a few days ago:

“More bad news I’m afraid!Dunn’s River has slightly knocked into himself and has a small injury and Dancing Solo is coughing.

This means that we won’t be racing DR tomorrow at Newton Abbot and we won’t be racing DS at Taunton next week but hope we might take Dunn’s River to Taunton. I will keep you informed after the weekend I get back from Fairyhouse where Bitofapuzzle and Desert Queen run on Sunday.They, importantly, are very well, as is Rock on Ruby for Aintree.

It has been one step forward and 2 steps back recently and, although the yard has been getting clear of the bug, Dancing Solo’s condition is confounding.
This means that after an action-packed season into February, it has been disappointingly quiet for you, and the yard itself of course.
I am sorry we won’t be meeting up at Newton Abbot as I have been missing you regular racegoers!
With best wishes and have a very happy Easter.”


On Monday, May 4th I will commence a new service.

I have been promising for a while now to have up and running and on that day it will be up and live.

The last year has been me getting back to something like full health and many of the things I wanted to do simply couldn’t be done because for the majority of my day I resembled a maraca, so many tablets were going down my neck. I believe I also seriously underestimated exactly what had happened to me!

As the dose was lowered I have had wobbly moments, that’s for sure but now I’m down to eight from what seemed a million at one point. Gone from weekly to monthly bloods and my main concern now is shifting this weight that has built up because of the steroids….that should be a laugh!

By the end of April, I will be down to just three and trust me, that’s a milestone!

Anyway, tippedtolose….I know a few of you are seriously looking forward to working with this, especially after the performance demonstrated in the year before the legs disappeared!

I was going to have it as part of the Post Racing site but I’m now thinking it has to be wholly separate. It will be its own entity. If laying horses is your thing, I believe you’ll enjoy this.

I will, each day, be using my figures to provide you with bad favourites we can look to get stuck into. I make more profit from laying horses than I do betting them and have for a fair few years now used my numbers for this purpose. I’m hoping to beat that figure of 36 (I think it was), consecutive favourites laid and beaten, over the course of a season.


  • Redcar / Mon 06 Apr
    Updated @ Sun 05 Apr


    Good, Good to Firm in places (GoingStick: 8.9 on Friday at 07:45)

    Stalls: Straight course – centre Round course – inside rail

  • Weather

    No further rain since Friday (6.5mm) and expected to remain dry with sunny periods and light winds through Sunday with a max. temp. of +12C. Monday remaining dry but overcast and a max. temp. of +9C.

ICONS* – Indicates their having won previously on the going as currently described
§ – Indicates best drawn
T – Indicates a horse having made a round trip of 300 miles or more
H – Indicates horses sporting headgear for the first time (blinkers, hood, cheekpieces, tongue-tie etc)


REDCAR 12-40



T – DRIVE ON….+11
* – ELLAAL….+8
§ – RALPHY LAD….-23


* – ORWELLIAN….+10
* – KING OF EDEN….+8
§* – MILLKWOOD….+8
§* – RED PALADIN….+4
§ – LUCKY LODGE….-18
§ – BREAKABLE….-26
§ – WHO’S SHIRL….-31
§ – SKINNY LOVE….-33
§ – LOTHAIR….-35

NOTES: Of the three rated races this is the one I’m looking forward to most. No T§* horses available today and in fact, we only have one horse having travelled to go racing today and that one is second best in the race above.

Here I have perceived a slight draw bias….high just favoured over middle, low a little more off the pace. It’s still to early to put complete faith in this or anything else.

My top rated has a middle draw, possibly a little lower end of middle than I’d like. David Barron opted to give this one it’s handicap debut in a 16 runner “all aged” race in August last year and he finished just under three lengths behind Broctune Papa Gio, who finished seventh in that event. The draw didn’t do him any favours that day….the outside draw….which saw him running a solo on the stands side and I’m inclined to bin that run.

Right now I would have no idea as to his required ground as we’ve only seen him four times and, on the first three of those runs, he’d have been racing for a handicap mark.

I expect more from him this season.

It’s one that I’ll enjoy watching.

Have a great day

Kindest regards


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