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Betting for Profit

Ron RobinsonAt Post Racing we are constantly looking for ways our members can profit from their betting on horse racing and the figures, with just two days left of what we consider to be the NH season proper, make for very good reading.

Gary Kelly, our “stats man” has been keeping meticulous figures regarding the performance of the systems we have found, historically, prove best in terms of profitability.

All season long we have been banging the drum that is the “T Factor” and especially those top rated that have T* next to their names.

Last night Gary posted up the following:

Top Rated with *&T symbols = 17/88 to profit +61.98pts Betfair SP, +54.97pts after 5% deduction

I’m sure, if you are discerning enough with your betting the thought of making a profit of 54 points from 88 bets over the course of five months in extremely appealing.

I’m equally sure that when you also consider that having access to this information cost our annual Site Members just 49p per day that it becomes doubly appealing. A level £10 stake on each qualifying horse has seen those members happy to work solely with that horse, have enough profit in their bank to cover the cost of close to three years Site Membership and they still have the flat season to come.

The NH season about to conclude was the first season we had looked at this aspect of our work and with the flat season about to begin we are more than looking forward to seeing how those horses bearing the T§* icons perform. If we can get close to the figures we produced in the summer of 2013 then the layers will be cancelling their holidays….whilst we are booking ours.

If you would like to join us please feel free to do so by visiting and clicking on the Subscribe link in the main menu.

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