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Post Racing’s Aims and Ambitions for 2015

Ron RobinsonThis is my “wish list” for Post Racing 2015. It was my wish list for 2014 but sometimes things happen that mean what you want is something you cannot have.

Will I achieve everything? Probably not but, if you do not have a goal, an ambition, you might just as well never try, turn over and go back to sleep.

I have been wondering how to start this Newsletter and, after a bit of cud chewing, decided on the following.

The facts, the truth, is never a bad place to start so, that’s what I’ll do.


Irrespective of your membership level…500 Club, Site Member, Weekend Club or free membership, Post Racing will never make you rich (unless you get seriously lucky and nail a top six rated accumulator, which is not a bet you will ever here me advise). That is not what this is about at all.

We price our subscription fees so low they will appeal to everyone that love horse racing, that enjoys a bet and can be used alongside any other advice you pay for. You can opt to use it or, ignore it.

Most of our members will not, ever, have a betting bank or a strategy and that’s fine as long as you fully understand that making a profit from any form of speculating should always be viewed as a long term project.

If you take out a savings plan with your bank, or invest in stocks and shares, you will not see an overnight increase in your return. It would be a minimum of ten years before they were worth even looking at in terms of cashing in.

I myself consider both a bank and a strategy vital in my battle with the layers. If you are a casual punter, a weekend punter, or someone who simply wants a little ammunition when you go racing, we’ll still work well together.

We will do our best to let you know of profitable methods, how best to use the Ratings, when not to use them, introduce you to other ways as and when we find them, of making a bit of profit but if you are expecting at some time to be able to give up the day job, go on a cruise or two a year and park the new Jaguar on the drive of your new home, forget it.

When you read of anyone suggesting such nonsense, walk away.

What I personally am aiming to do is work my backside off to provide you with the best information and advice I can, to help you not lose….long term.

Not losing, long term (and ALWAYS think long term), is going to make your betting an altogether more enjoyable experience. If you think you will win every day, give up now.

If you even think you will back more winners than losers then again, give it up now.

The second that “unrealistic expectations” are dented, and you start looking for someone to blame, betting is no longer fun but something that will cause you angst.

I have had members join us, then leave again after a week because they have not won. Unrealistic expectations. There are punters out there that genuinely do believe that people like me have an absolutely bomb proof way of finding and backing winners. Nobody does. You an pay as much as you like for the information but at the end of the day you are placing your money on something that is flesh and blood, just like us, and some days will fancy it, others not.

If you have a full time job, how many times have you got out of bed telling yourself you just do not want to do it today? Horses probably have the same thought processes….many of those carrying my money have done, anyway!

Never bet with money meant for something else. Never increase your staking because you’ve had a good win and, most importantly, never chase your losses.

The one thing…the only thing….I will ever guarantee you is, tomorrow will soon be here and you have another opportunity.

Right….my “wish list”


Over there next 12 months I want to increase them tenfold.

Let me paint you a picture.

Suppose, for a minute, we can get 10,000 x 500 Club members, all contributing £250.

By no means impossible….read on and I’ll explain how I will try to do it.

The monies that would introduce to Post Racing would be £2.5M. Imagine what we could do with that!

Now is when some will be thinking (because what we are doing is gambling related and EVERYONE connected to that business simply has to be crooked….don’t they?), “someone is looking to get rich off me!”.

Ok, you now have to take me on trust. This is what I have in mind.

Straight away 10% of that will be set aside for charitable distribution. Hopefully those coming on board would use the option to make a direct donation to a preferred charity (many of you did this time around), so transparency is not an issue….I hope!

That would leave £2.25M….what would we do with it?

In comes the rest of the “wish list”….


What I want Post Racing to be is something akin to a Tote like organisation.

A certain percentage set aside to keep the websites up, running and doing what they are supposed to do.

The rest will be used to provide you with something that is not currently available anywhere. Those 5 x 500 Clubs I want setting up would be created and a local manager appointed (creating employment), and each club would have three horses, one of which would be a charity horse, that would be running for those charities we support.

That is 15 horses and if we agree the cost of keeping one in training is roughly £20,000 then we’ve allocated £300,000 of that money just to that aspect of what we do here.

That still leaves a ton of money!

What on earth would we do with it!?

I want to set up a 500 Club in France and America, and have my sights set on South Africa, too. You, as 500 Club members, would be free to go racing whenever and wherever we have horses running and, indeed, the competitions we run will include member trips to those countries to see your horses running. This, of course, will not happen in 2015 but the building blocks will be put in place.


I want a minimum of 20 people working for Post Racing, full time. I have always been aware of how much I believe an hour of my time is worth and those working with us (they will never be considered to be working “for us”), will be paid a salary that will attract the best. They will never want to leave….I hope!

We will be looking to employ young people that have an absolute passion for sport and sports journalism.

Our IT will be brought “in-house”. One thing that drives me nuts is not being able to get done “now” what I want doing. That will change.


That is the intention. My goal is to provide you with everything you read about here and get the layers to pay for it. Many members have, this season, already achieved that.

We will provide members with resources that will equal anything out there. If you want to know how many winners Tony McCoy has ridden when wearing pink, we’ll have the databases in place through which you can extrapolate that information. They will go way beyond what is out there right now and if you knew my own thought processes when looking for ways to work a race out, you’d realise how vital these will be. The more obscure the better, as far as I am concerned.

Gary is on board now as our Stats man and his work will prove absolutely vital.


My “baby”.

Several years ago now I invented a game, Fantasy Horse Racing. I visited a local organisation who specialised in creating Government databases and gave them the task of building it.

It took them a year and we ran test games. They were played by people around the globe and we knew what we had would work. It is a cracking good game that will only enhance your enjoyment of horse racing.

However, what we didn’t have was the time or finances with which to run it, employ the people to work on it (horrendously labour intensive), or to promote it properly. It went onto the back burner.

In 2013 I visited them again to explain what I wanted and they produced a mock up that had me applauding. Now we need to introduce the income to have it built as the original coding (as with all things internet based), is now no longer fit for purpose. It has to be rebuilt and the cost will equate to the price of a small terraced house in Wigan.

The one thing it will be is, free to play.

It will offer up the best prizes ever attached to such a competition.


For your subscription fee this is what we will give you back.
Come racing as owners, all prize money won being decided equally between those involved.
The best private Ratings available anywhere, delivered to your inbox each and every day.
The best race profiling sent to you as and when we have racing that can be profiled.
The Cheltenham Special
The Royal Ascot Special
Competitions offering up prizes you will be absolutely amazed by.
A National Lottery syndicate that will be used to aid those charities we support and improve on what we already do for you, in the event of a big win
An affiliate opportunity
Two Charity Club days out, minimum, which would take place at a racecourse and see us sponsoring a race or two, have horses running in our sponsored races, giving members an opportunity to meet and get to know each other.
Free access/use to all associated website which currently include The Goal Posts, Equine Line, Classified Ads and A Stable Job
Additional benefits to follow….my ideas below!


We have only been playing at this thus far. A fair few people have enjoyed success, not least Ernie Johnson last year, who pocketed a cheque for £1000, for winning a competition over at The Goal Posts.

I have massive plans on this front which will see many members recoup their annual subscription fees and more.

None of the competitions we run will be sponsored by a bookmaking chain. Nobody is going to get your details in return for such support….they will all be run “in-house” and covered by subscription fees.

Right now we have:
The Podcast weekly competition – £10 bet to the winner
The Goal Posts Pick3 – £10 bet to the winner plus an annual prize
What I want:

Those competitions to increase by way of prize money, a free bet of at least £100 at and every week.

I have a head full of ideas for this aspect of what we do. You have already read about Fantasy Horse Racing and whilst that’s the ice berg, it’s nowhere near the tip.


Vitally important to us is your wanting to tell others about what we are doing. Word of mouth and recommendation is worth so much more than a £10k advertising campaign will ever be.

We honestly believe that what we have here is not only unique but that you will want to tell at least one person about. For doing so you will earn a commission. If you introduced just five members, you would recoup your own annual subscription fee.

If you wish to know more about affiliate opportunities or, know of someone that might, please e-mail and I will make sure you receive full details on commission rates etc.


All will go live this year. I’ll need people to run them.

As explained above, they will be 100% free for our 500 Club members to utilise.

Full details will be provided prior to launch.


Twice a year, flat and NH seasons, I want to get as many as can come along, to our charity race days. The principle purpose would be to present cheques to those charities we support in the main. We would, as already explained above, sponsor one or two races, have horses running in our colours in those races, and I’ll even arrange good weather!


Before I went into hospital in December 2013, I had a list of organisations I wanted to contact…hotel chains, car hire companies, restaurant chains, etc etc etc,.

The purpose was to see how they would respond to our having a Membership card for members, that would see those organisations offer a discount for your using their services.

I still have that list.

If we have the numbers then they will oblige, as will racecourses when it comes to free and discounted admission on days when they’ll not be getting 10,000 through their gates. Their is, without a doubt, strength in numbers and you will benefit from that fact.

We will be looking to make Post Racing the No.1 go to source got all sports betting information and advice.

New tipsters/pundits will be introduced to you as part of the team here and they will prove, i’m sure, a huge success.


A heck of a lot.

We are now working with outside agencies to who wish to introduce us to their membership. They will be doing so on an affiliate basis and several of these organisations have 000’s of people just waiting to hear of us and what we do.

By the summer of this year we will have the name of Post Racing mentioned in every country that has anything to do with horse racing.

I hope they like what they see.

We also want to work with racecourses and look at ways in which we can help each other. They want people through their turnstiles and we want to get people going racing, too. It was once explained to me by a well known racing journalist that I would be looking to work with dinosaurs and that their commercial departments are commercial in name only.

We shall see what we shall se.


Quite simply commit to joining me in making it happen. Introduce others to Post Racing, ask them to do likewise and before anyone can bat an eyelid, we’ll be “there”.

One thing I want to assure you of is that the things we want in place here will not, in any way, dilute my own contribution to Post Racing. In fact, as we increase the numbers working with us, it will actually increase the time I can spend doing what I do.


If you have any thoughts on the above I would love to hear them. if you have suggestions as to how we can introduce new faces to Post Racing, without spending 000’s on advertising, then again, we would love to hear them.

Please feel free to e-mail me any comments –

Thanks for reading!

Kindest regards


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