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-40 rules

The basic rules of this system are Cl3 or worse hcap hurdle, maximum 15 runners, up to 21f (+ext 110 yards if you choose), maximum 2 qualifiers (if applicable )

I refer to it as the official system as it has about 4 years of performance behind it, although I only became aware of it mid-November 2012 and recorded profit, despite recording results after the 40/1 winner (and without knowing what Betfair premium it carried). Yes, it ran a loss last season but it was in profit, and at the approximate point I identify as “peak point” in mid-Jan for contrary systems

Other trends I note here will be “unofficial”, as I  don’t have historic data to justify calling it a system yet; i.e. flat season 2013 I tried to make it like this NH system, and it was before Ron made 12f the distance limit

So Cl2-4 8-12f, with 8-11 or 10+ runners may have been a one year aberration, unless I go over 2014 season and keep an eye on it for 2015 and refine as necessary.

Hence “official system”, that can be played with degree of confidence, and my other observations

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