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Today’s Ratings and Advice 22/05/14

I’m keeping it brief today as we have a situation at home and it could be we are called away at any time.

If you require me for anything today and I can pick up your messages on my phone I will do my best to get back to you.

I will be advising Sean that the podcast may well have to be put on hold.


AYR – Flat (Updated:22/05/2014 at 06:27:59)
Good to Soft
(GoingStick: 8.5 on Thursday at 06:15)

5f & 6f: Centre

Home straight inside rail out 8m; home bend out 2m adding
approx. 6yds to distances 7f and further
Stands’ side rail in normal position

Dry past 24hrs.
Thurs: Dry morning, showers in afternoon (< 2 mm) Recent rainfall: Tues 20/5 - 3 Mon 19/5 - 20 Sat 17/5 - 3 Other Head Groundsman: Graeme Anderson: 07768 651261 - all going/weather info. Raceday COTC: Emma Marley: 07881 908702 Stable Staff Accommodation must be booked in advance via email on GOODWOOD - Flat (Updated:21/05/2014 at 15:11:25) Going Good Good to Firm places on the round course (GoingStick: 8.1 on Wednesday at 15:00) Stalls Straight course Stand side Round course inside, except 1m.3f Rails First 2 Furlongs of the Mile course dolled out 5 yards..... On Thursday and Friday The Top bend will be dolled out 3 yards. Lower bend dolled out 5 yards from the 6 furlong marker to the 2 furlong marker in the straight. Increasing all race distances on the round course by about 15 yards . Weather 3.5 mm of rain yesterday.There is the possibility of 8 to 10mm of rain over the next 24 hours. . Watering In view of the forecast for rain on Wednesday night into Thursday morning,there are no plans to water. SALISBURY - Flat (Updated:21/05/2014 at 16:18:50) Going Good to Firm, Good in places (GoingStick: 8.9 on Wednesday at 16:15) Stalls 5F & 6F - Far side Rails Erecting rail up to 24ft off permanent far side rail up the last 6.5F. Weather 4mm rain on Monday night. Tuesday was dry. Wednesday was dry, however, rain is forecasted for Wednesday night, some of which could be heavy. 8mm+ is possible. Thursday is predicted to be a day of sunshine and showers. SANDOWN PARK - Flat (Updated:21/05/2014 at 09:30:18) Going Round - Good to Firm, Good in places Sprint - Good to Firm (GoingStick: 8.4 on Tuesday at 07:00) Stalls Sprint Course - Far Side (Course at full width) Rails Back Straight and Home Bend on outside configuration as per April Meeting. Home Straight railed out 4 yards, adding 10 yards to Round Course distances. Weather Dry since Tuesday of last week and dry overnight. Dry day expected Wednesday but rain forecast overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning - 10mm+ possible. Clearing to possible showers Thursday afternoon. * indicates horses having won previously on the going as currently described § indicates horses perceived as being best drawn T INDICATES HORSES THAT HAVE TRAVELLED OVER 150 MILES OR MORE TO RACE AYR 2-20 T - AUNTIE MILDRED....+11 §* - SAXONETTE....+9 § - OPT OUT....+9 T§* - CAPTAIN SCOOBY....+8 T§* - LORD BUFFHEAD....-3 T* - EXOTIC GUEST....-5 * - BUNCE....-14 T§* - SIR GEOFFREY....-15 COMMANDABLE....-22 ROCK CANYON....-24 T - PAVERS STAR....-24 T - I'LL BE GOOD....-30 CLASSY ANNE....-39 T - TIMES IN ANATEFKA....-40 MY PLAY - In all races being run here this afternoon I am waiting to see which horses are pulled out having raced only 24 hours previously AYR 3-25 * - GADABOUT DANCER....+6 CALL OF DUTY....+5 HENPECKED....-5 TITUS BOLT....-11 * - JOSHUA THE FIRST....-13 T - KOLONEL KIRKUP....-17 DHAULAR DHAR....-30 WOLF HEART....-30 T - SIXTIES QUEEN....-38 T - KYLE OF BUTE....-40 COACH BOMBAY....-40 T - TROY BOY....-40 T - OMOTESANDO....-40 AYR 4-00 T* - UNCLE BRIT....+12 * - EUSTON SQUARE....+8 T - MISTER BOB....-14 T* - AMAZING BLUE SKY....-15 T - ROCKWEILLER....-25 T - PTOLOMEOS....-29 T - FRONTLINE PHANTOM....-36 EBONY CLARETS....-39 HAYLEY....-40 T - POLAR FOREST....-40 SNOOKER....-40 EILEAN MOR....-40 AYR 4-35 T - RASSELAS....+1 * - MAZEPA....-8 T - INGLEBY SYMPHONY....-9 LIVE DANGEROUSLY....-19 ANOTHER FOR JOE....-21 * - GOOD BOY JACKSON....-25 NEVER FOREVER....-27 T* - JORDAURA....-30 RIOJA DAY....-30 T - THE OSTEOPATH....-31 ALANOS....-37 AYR 5-10 T* - UNCLE DERMOT....+10 T* - MARCRET....+9 T* - LE CHAT D'OR....+9 * - SILVER RIME....+6 T* - DUBAI DYNAMO....-4 SOUND ADVICE....-9 T - BUSATTO....-20 ORDER OF SERVICE....-29 AYR 5-45 * - MONEL....+8 * - BLACK DOUGLAS....-11 * - ELLE REBELLE....-12 HELLBENDER....-15 T - AMIS REUNIS....-30 FIFE JO....-40 T - ELLIES IMAGE....-40 T - MEDAM....-40 T - COPPER TO GOLD....-40 T - HIGH ON THE HOG....-40 GOODWOOD 3-50 * - MAGIC CITY....-5 * - THE CONFESSOR....-5 SO BELOVED....-12 RUSSIAN REALM....-13 * - GEORGE GURU....-13 * - MABAIT....-19 * - VERSE OF LOVE....-20 EQUITY RISK....-23 THE RECTIFIER....-31 MY PLAY - I will just play with my top pair, set up a dutch, go 20/80 MAGIC CITY and tinker with exotics but to low stakes. SALISBURY 6-40 §* - MAMBO SPIRIT....+11 §* - THE WEE CHIEF....+2 * - HIT THE LIGHTS....+?-0 §* - COMPTON PRINCE....-9 T* - VERUS DELICIA....-16 NEW DECADE....-19 CAPTAIN KENDALL....-19 * - CEELO....-25 ASSERTIVE AGENT....-25 SPIRAEA....-30 § - ENCAPSULATED....-30 TRENDING....-31 § - PICC OF BURGAU....-35 T - LOGANS LAD....-40 MY PLAY - This is the worst race I've rated today but, it looks the most competitive. Rated horses 1, 2 and 4 dutched, a 20/80 my top one and exotics. Have a great day and the very best of luck if you are getting involved. Kindest regards Ron

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