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Today’s Ratings and Advice 11/02/14

Yesterday started brightly, a very nice top two rated 1-2 that produced a very nice 62/1 CSF for those that played it. The top three were in the first four home and I was very pleased to read that. I was elsewhere when racing took place yesterday and again didn’t bet a penny. Had I done so, I would again have lost money so, good decision making on my part.

We have lost yet another meeting to the elements today, Lingfield being given a thumbs down early enough. Ayr goes ahead….at the moment….but they will be checking out the situation because they are expecting rain and sleet from very early this morning and who know what impact it will have, if they race.

Yep, I’ll again be doing something else. It’s a relatively easy decision to make right now. If you are still inclined to use my figures to bet, please make sure you are fully up to speed on the ground conditions as I’ve set everything up based on it being soft, heavy in places.


AYR – Jump (Updated:10/02/2014 at 08:24:55)

Soft, Heavy in places
(GoingStick: Ch: 7.8; Hdl: 7.9 on Monday at 07:00)

Both tracks 7 m from the innermost line.

Past 24hrs 0.5 mm of rain. (17 mm since last Monday)
Monday – Showery, max temp +7c; min +2c(< 3 mm). Tuesday - Rain/sleet early/ 3 a.m. (< 8 mm) then showers through the day (< 3mm) max + 5c. Precautionary Inspection required due to very varying forecasts. Inspections PRECAUTIONARY INSPECTION 7.30 AM TUESDAY (due to rain/sleet/snow risk) * INDICATES HORSES HAVING WON PREVIOUSLY ON THE GOING AS CURRENTLY DESCRIBED AYR 4-00 *TOO COOL TO FOOL....+9 MUMGOS DEBUT....+/-0 FORESTSIDE....-14 *PANTHERS RUN....-25 *STRATHAIRD....-25 SOUL ANGEL....-36 HOTGROVE BOY....-40 AYR 4-30 *RAILWAY DILLON....+13 *AND THE MAN....+10 *PROSECCO....+10 *WICKLOW BOY....+3 *GANSEY....+/-0 *BARNEYS HONOUR....-1 *ROS CASTLE....-4 *MISTER FIRST....-12 The second of the rated races is a cracker. I cannot get a proper handle on the Irish horses and they could easily be better than my figure....I'll know same time as you. My top rated won on his only previous visit here, over CD and with my second best quite simply an Ayr "specialist", I'd be taking that pair over Prosecco who, despite four wins at this track, has never won beyond two miles. If it went heavy all over, And The Man would be my preferred of the pair. Have a great day and best of luck Kindest regards Ron

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