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Cat amongst the pigeons anyone?

Thursday 20 August 13

A few spare minutes today so time for a quick commentary on what I saw at York this afternoon and how we may be able to profit from that in the future. The opening race saw victory for Haikbidiac who did it easily but did have the benefit of a nice high draw. Runner up Thunder Strike did not have that luxury from the two stall and could be the one to take out of the race, though he is fully exposed after seven runs and probably won’t be a working man’s price being a Hannon juvenile!  Away from York the jockeys have been at it again lol with young Jack Duern picking up a suspension for whip offences which seem to indicate a habit of raiding the whip above shoulder height – an eighteen day suspension (six suspended) should give him enough time to work that out hopefully as none of us want to see a promising career come to an abrupt end. Andrew Glassonbury is a jockey I have plenty of time for but he has fallen foul of the BHA via a positive test for Benzodiazepine, and as I ma not a doctor I will make no further comment (try \Google)! All I do know is he is out of action from the end of this month to 29th November at the earliest when he has to get past the medical adviser.

Lastly (and the best one in my book), poor Adrian Nicholls was caught tweeting (the danger of social media eh?) and picked up a £100 fine. After picking up as fine for overuse of the whip at Thirsk he tweeted “F**k the two days I got great 2 bang 1 in!”, though I doubt the original contained any asterisks.  Out with the washing as it makes me, if the thought was as I read it then that merely re-enforces my opinion that the horse needs to be disqualified as well if the jockey breaches the whip rules?

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