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DeLaet to get on his bike in West Virginia!

DeLaetThe Greenbrier Classic, The Old White TPC, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, 4th July – 7th July

It’s a fine sunny day here in France, as I “speak” from my writing cabin (I know, flash so and so, but don’t you dare call it a garden shed!). It genuinely is a summer house that fully opens and, as I look down 75 metres below me, I can see the Tour De France caravans (a parade of fast cars that lasts an hour, with all sorts of goodies thrown at you), is passing me by and soon some 200 cyclists will come whooooooosh, chasing six poor lonely souls who stupidly decided to be the hares on a stifling hot day, in actually little less than an hour from now, with some 130 kilometres still to go.

As my “insider” reports back to me, its fair to say that on the only track in West Virginia that’s used by the PGA, it is going to be kinda the same weather there as here, sultry, thundery, possible stoppages for rain etc etc, which in real terms seem also to reflect in his vocal approach to how things were going

BVP sounded tired, just as much for playing as the traveling caused by the change in time zones as anything. He also has some major things coming up with his charity so he is taking some time off

Old White TPC is a very striking course, plays par 70 (unusually 34 on front nine and 36 on the back) with the only two par 5`s way late in the round.  It also has a chip in 162-175 yard par 3 18th which certainly can have the train backing up with caddies and players sitting on their thumbs for up to an hour. It’s also the home of the most recent 59 by Stuart Appleby in 2010. Uniquely, and I have no idea why, but this is a rookies course both in terms of winners and those who played well.

I am not going to chance fate completely on this 7200 yards course but most of my selections will be new to you. The word easy springs to mind. Accuracy off the tee, G-I-R are in the high 60`s, as is scrambling all up around the 66/67% level

I am pretty proud of my midweek estimates before start of play but I just cant seem to bring them home. So I am going to ignore all the rules this week because trust me, if BVP is tired then so are a lot more in a worse position, particularly those looking to tie up a spot under 125 in the rankings and that could be as much as 35/40 of them

So this week I have forgotten hotshots, the reddest of red putters and the high flyers, who push just for the pure hell of it, week in week out.

What’s in are high flying rookies and those not won a tournament this year or last.

So here we go….

My top 4 to follow are:

Graham de Laet – steady season but pushing these last two weeks. One more week might see him home….28/1

Charles Howell III – Flatterer, deceiver, looks like he plays (like God), plays like a limp rag most of the time but he has got something, (not sure what but value at 66/1)

Charlie Wi – another right Charlie that plays much better than he does most days. Low self esteem, nope hates practice but just occasionally…80/1

Andreas Romero – Time to buckle up Andreas. Something is moving under them threads, not sure what but I feel an explosion coming on….100/1

If I biff it well I could win

For the first time Mr Gary Woodland. Definitely a journeyman but one level above standard and will pop out soon enough. Hope we catch him when he does….60/1

Jordan Spieth too good to play like he does, blows hot and cold in equal measure but at least it’s not a week at a time. Played well last week on tight course, should do well….40/1

Matchem to the facts, i.e Rookies

Playing extremely well now the top rookie, still hasn’t won anything – D H Lee, watch, remember, one for the notebooks….100/1

Shawn Stephani – must hit soon or I will go and sit on the naughty step….125/1

Winning Score – some prodigy will come out and whack it all over the place. Go on, let’s do it -21

Now I am going to sneak this in

TOUR DE FRANCE – For outright winner overall Andy Schleck 40/1 (today`s odds) and a saver on EDVALD BOASSEN HAGEN 1000/1 with Bet365 {number 2 at Sky? You’re having a laugh! Try a fiver, my 50 is on each way!

Talk to you when your older Michel-Jean Caule de Marolan

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