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Today’s Ratings and advice 22/06/13

If you do but one thing today, check the going prior to betting. It has been lobbing it down where I am, the rain coming up the road sideways!

I hope you have enjoyed the week of the 2013 Royal Ascot Special and, if you are not already a member of Post Racing, that you decide we are a project you would like to support.

By Wednesday I didn’t know whether I was coming or going and by last night I was talking gibberish. You reach a point of information overload and when trying to do three things at once….sometimes four….a fog descends. I have loved every minute of doing it though and am already looking forward to the Cheltenham festival next March.

It has, despite being difficult finding winners (ask Tom Segal….25 losers and a non runner from his 26 selections), been a profitable one and when punting race horses, that is all we can ever hope for. Four winners is lower than my normal strike rate but I’m putting that down to the lightning quick ground.

You were pointed away from poor favourites like Animal Kingdom and Battle Of Marengo and that’s always a help, I’m sure you will agree.

Over the next couple of days I will put together a comprehensive report for you to peruse but tomorrow I’m coming up for air so don’t expect it before Tuesday!

Today is ultra busy. You will note I have neglected all handicaps including a 3-y-o and that is purely because I’ll not go near then until Monday….I have rules!

Three year old handicaps will be rated from August.

Final day, let’s get to work.


ASCOT – Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 08:51:15)
Good to Firm
(GoingStick: Standside 9.4, Centre 9.3, Farside 9.5, Round 8.2
on Saturday at 08:30)

Straight Course: Centre

The false rail on the round course has been removed, the
course is now at full width with race distances as

3mm rain overnight to 8.30am Saturday.
Possible showers forecast for today.

AYR – Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 06:42:15)
Good to Firm
(GoingStick: 9.5 on Saturday at 06:30)

5f & 6f: Stands’ Side

Home bend and straight 4m from innermost line adding
approx. 12yds to race distances 7f and further.

Past 24hrs 3 mm of rain
Sat – Showers possible throughout day (< 5mm) Recent irrigation: Mon/Tues - 8mm Recent rainfall: Fri 14/6 - 6mm; Sat 15/6 - 8mm; Fri 21/6 - 0.5mm Other THIS FIXTURE TO BE STAGED ON THE FLAT TRACK AS NORMAL. HAYDOCK PARK - Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 08:38:15) Going Good to Firm (Watered) (GoingStick: 7.8 on Saturday at 06:30) Stalls 5f Stand Side Rails All races will run on the Inner Home Straight Actual race distances: 5f, 1m 8yds, 1m 2f 103yds. Weather 5mm of rain overnight. Showers forecast. Watering Watered 4mm on Friday. LINGFIELD PARK - Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 06:58:16) Going Turf Straight Course: Good to Firm, Firm in places (Watered) AWT: Standard (GoingStick: 8.9 on Friday at 14:00) Stalls Turf: 7f 140Yds - Centre, Remainder - Stands Side Weather 0.2mm rain Wednesday June 19th 0.8mm rain overnight Forecast: Saturday - A drizzly start to the day, clearing mid morning to leave some light showers, 16C Watering Thursday June 20th - 5mm water applied Friday June 21st - 5mm water applied NEWMARKET - Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 08:09:52) Going Good to Firm (GoingStick: 8.3 on Friday at 11:30) Stalls Far Side Course Rails The re-positioning of the bend into the home straight has increased the distances of the 10f and 12f races by 20m. Weather 2mm of rain on Friday afternoon and 1.5mm of overnight rain. Saturday Overcast and showery in the morning. Brighter in the afternoon but still the possibility of a shower 18C. REDCAR - Flat (Updated:22/06/2013 at 06:46:28) Going Good to Firm (Watered) Stalls Straight - centre Weather Weather: 6.5mm rain last weekend followed by a dry and warm week, with a light breeze and prolonged sunny periods, max temps ranging between 14C - 16C during the day. 3mm rain overnight Thursday. Friday was cloudy & warm, with sunshine late afternoon and evening. 3mm rain overnight Friday, cool start, but temps forecast to rise and sunny spells expected. Watering Watering: 4mm applied overnight Sunday and Monday. 6mm applied overnight Tuesday and Wednesday. 4mm applied overnight Thursday. A further 3mm has been applied overnight Friday. * indicates horse having won previously on the going as currently described § indicates horses perceived as being well drawn ROYAL ASCOT 4-25 §DUKE OF FIRENZE....+4 *HITCHENS....-2 §*REX IMPERATOR....-6 *OUR JONATHAN....-6 *NOCTURN....-7 §*YORK GLORY....-8 §*KHUBALA....-8 §*REGAL PARADE....-10 §*PRODIGALITY....-10 *ARNOLD LANE....-11 *ROYAL ROCK....-12 *SECRET WITNESS....-12 *CHANDLERY....-13 §*ZERO MONEY....-13 *POOLE HARBOUR....-15 *PALACE MOON....-20 LADYSHIP....-22 §GABRIEL'S LAD....-24 *LOUIS THE PIOUS....-25 §MORACHE MUSIC....-29 MASS RALLY....-32 §ELUSIVITY....-34 *DINKUM DIAMOND....-35 SHROPSHIRE....-40 GLASS OFFICE....-40 BAPAK CHINTA....-40 REBELLIOUS GUEST....-40 ANCIENT CROSS....-40 THREE TO DUTCH - DUKE OF FIRENZE, REX IMPERATOR, YORK GLORY 20/80 - REX IMPERATOR EXOTICS - DUKE OF FIRENZE, REX IMPERATOR, YOURK GLORY LAY - NONE PERCEIVED DRAW BIAS - High is proving best up to a mile, then things seem to be levelling out. ADVICE - When the week started I had made mention I would be suggesting one horse to cover you donation for the Special. It was to be DUKE OF FIRENZE but the very quick going stopped me saying anything. I think he's the best horse in the race, my figures agree and he has the draw but, all wins to date have come on genuine good ground. His one run on good to firm saw him placed and on that basis he's certainly in my dutch. I'm trusting my solo play to REX IMPERATOR. His dad won twice at Royal Ascot from three runs at the meeting and, on his only run here, he was beaten just over three lengths so, I'm thinking the track is right up his street. The going is right, the draw very decent and trip perfect. I'll be surprised if he doesn't run a very big race. ROYAL ASCOT 5-00 §*SIR GRAHAM WADE....+8 §*CARAVAN ROLLS ON....+5 §*STENCIVE....+2 RYE HOUSE....-1 §*HANOVERIAN BARON....-3 §*VOODOO PRINCE....-6 *OPINION....-7 *ART SCHOLAR....-14 *LAHAAG....-21 *COMMUNICATOR....-22 §*BEAUMONT'S PARTY....-25 *HIGHLAND CASTLE....-25 §SILVER LIME....-28 THE TIGER....-28 §HAMMERFEST....-28 USTURA....-29 §DEIA SUNRISE....-30 BLUE SURF....-38 BUCKLAND....-40 THREE TO DUTCH - SIR GRAHAM WADE, CARAVAN ROLLS ON, STENCIVE 20/80 - SIR GRAHAM WADE EXOTICS - SIR GRAHAM WADE, CARAVAN ROLLS ON, STENCIVE LAY - NONE PERCEIVED DRAW BIAS - I again think high look best with middle over low. ADVICE - I have three having attracted a + figure, all seen as well drawn, all good to go on the ground and they get the gig. Again I have to ask a question of the guy writing the text for Racing Post Spotlight. He advises one of the reasons to oppose my top rated would be the trip? SIR GRAHAM WADE has won six of his career runs to date...four of them over this trip....and that's a negative? More of a concern to me is his recent form but if Mark Johnston is sending to run off top weight at Royal Ascot, he must be happy enough to let him. NEWMARKET 5-50 *ADMIRABLE DUQUE....-16 PASSION PLAY....-23 *FLASHMAN....-25 *SANCHO PANZA....-27 THECORNISHCOWBOY....-33 PORCINI....-37 SILVER SAMBA....-39 DECEPTIVE....-40 MOHANAD....-40 BEAT ROUTE....-40 ADVICE - A low rating race with the trip being a mystery for all bar a couple and that includes my top rated, who also has winning form on good to firm, one of only three that currently does. I will just have a 20/80 ADMIRABLE DUQUE. REDCAR 2-40 JOYFUL MOTIVE....+3 *MADRASA....+/-0 *AMIR PASHA....-6 *SALLY FRIDAY....-10 BRUNELLO....-23 FERNEY BOY....-39 MISS MOHAWK....-39 NIPPY NIKKI....-40 WESLEYDALE....-40 MASKA PONY....-40 TENACITY....-40 SHEILA'S CASTLE....-40 ADVICE - A poor race in which it is probably best to look for the winner amongst those having that * next to their names. The trio having it are all given the thumbs up regarding track, trip and ground and I'll be raising eyebrows if the winner is elsewhere. I'll have a straight win bet MADRASA to low stakes and faff about with exotics. No dutch. REDCAR 3-15 *WANNABE KING....+1 *ORBIT THE MOON....-1 *GALICIAN....-2 FAYR FALL....-9 KING OF JAZZ....-12 KHAWATIM....-15 CHOOKIE ROYALE....-24 OUTPOST....-30 ADVICE - Again I'm only interested in those having achieved a win on good to firm. Top three then, eh. Staking won't set alarm bells ringing in the trading rooms but I'll have a 20/80 WANNABE KING and we'll check out the projected returns from a dutch to see if we can make it pay for that bet and leave us with a profit to bank. REDCAR 6-10 *LIGHT THE CITY....-17 SPIEKEROOG....-21 *DIMASHQ....-23 *HAL OF A LOVER....-25 *PETELLA....-32 BLUE TOP....-32 SWIFT ENCOUNTER....-34 MISS MYSTRIOUS....-39 SHIRLS SON SAM....-39 ROLEN SLY....-40 UNCUT STONE....-40 ROC FORT....-40 ADVICE - A race for minuscule staking....let's just call it an October Rules play and leave it at that! AYR 2-25 §*GO GO GREEN....+12 ARCTIC FEELING....+11 *BOSUN BREESE....+10 §*HEAD SPACE..+8 *ROTHESAY CHANCER....-4 *MIDNIGHT DYNAMO....-4 *TAX FREE....-4 §FLASH CITY....-4 JEDWARD....-9 §CRIMSON KNOT....-13 SILKEN EXPRESS....-15 THREE TO DUTCH - GO GO GREEN, ARCTIC FEELING, HEAD SPACE 20/80 - HEAD SPACE EXOTICS - GO GO GREEN, ARCTIC FEELING, HEAD SPACE LAY - SILKEN EXPRESS PERCEIVED DRAW BIAS - Favouring low over middle with high struggling ADVICE - Chin rubber, this is. My top rated has been doing his recent winning on slower ground and has been tugged out of races being run on quick ground recently so, in the dutch but not the solo play. My second "best" has a draw that's not bad but could be better and would also like to see some rain. HEAD SPACE might find this five furlongs a tad sharp and he has "issues" with Ayr, once trying to throw his pilot off approaching the winning line and most certainly costing him a win....he just does not fancy crossing the mown line across the course at that point! It's probably easier doing a Rubik cube blindfold that boxing this off but, I've given it a shot. AYR 4-15 *OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY....+15 *CHOSEN CHARACTER....+9 *SET THE TREND....+8 *NORSE BLUES....+8 *DUBAI DYNAMO....-4 *CAPAILL LIATH....-6 EXTRATERRESTRIAL....-14 STRICTLY SILVER....-16 TRAIL BLAZE....-17 BEACON LODGE....-20 THREE TO DUTCH - OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY, CHOSEN CHARACTER, SET THE TREND 20/80 - OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY EXOTICS - OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY, CHOSEN CHARACTER, SET THE TREND LAY - STRICTLY SILVER ADVICE - No draw bias that I can spot and it's solely down to the figures. HAYDOCK 7-50 *COPPERWOOD....+11 *BASSETERRE....+8 *POSTSCRIPT....-2 *THE OSTEOPATH....-4 LE CHAT D'OR....-8 AN CAT DUBH....-10 PASHAN GARH....-19 EWELL PLACE....-20 ADVICE - As much as I would love to own one like him, the chances of COPPERWOOD running two races alike are about the same as us finding snow in Hades. On his last two runs he has topped my figures...tailed off once then a couple of days later wins for us, pulling a cart at huge odds. I have no idea what mood he will be in tonight but for sure, I cannot leave him out. Top three dutch, 20/80 BASSETERRE and exotics. LINGFIELD 6-35 DARNATHEAN....-5 *MY LEARNED FRIEND....-9 DANA'S PRESENT....-10 DECENT FELLA....-15 WARBOND....-23 CHISWICK BEY....-28 HALLING DANCER....-32 EAGER TO BOW....-36 SHIFTING STAR....-39 MENELIK....-40 ADVICE - Punting this is about as appealing as gout. October rules or nowt. OF INTEREST OUTSTRIP (Newmarket 2-15) - 20/80 TOP JOKER (Newmarket 4-40) - straight win ANGUS OG (Newmarket 3-55) - 20/80 ALL OR NOTHIN (Redcar 4-30) - straight win QUEEN CATRINE (Ayr 4-50) - straight win QAWAAFY (Haydock 8-50) - straight win TUSCAN FUN (Haydock 9-20) - straight win BEST BE CAREFUL (Lingfield 7-35) - 20/80 BET OF THE DAY QUEEN CATRINE (Ayr 4-50) - I cannot se a best bet amongst my top rated horses today and have looked again at those suggested OF INTEREST. Robert Winston is 3-10 for Charlie Hills here and the trainer himself is 4-12 all runners. He has sent three on a 714 mile round trip and bearing in mind that this yards two 2-y-o winners have been winning on their second appearance, it all augurs well for a big run from this one. LAY OF THE DAY These have been very thin on the ground recently and whilst I am happy to lay those suggested above, they could not be described as "bankers". Have a brilliant day and again, thank you for supporting us! Kindest regards Ron

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