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Today’s Ratings and Advice 19/03/13

Absolutely blinding figures yesterday! Shows you what I know, eh! I didn’t have a single bet…even after the first two races had produced the 14/1 and 16/1 winners in the top two rated horses having that * next to their names. I let Marino Prince win unbacked, despite being rated an absolute mile clear. Plank.

Yesterday morning I was wondering around Chester like an idiot, waiting for a call from the main dealership my car was left with to have the brakes sorted out. Dropped the car off just after 9-15am….11-07am call comes through, “sorry, we’ve ordered the wrong parts”. What a waste of time that was! Did it really take them nearly two hours to work that out? Planks.

We have been looking at how to set the new Classifieds site up to do everything we wanted it to do and have come to the conclusion that in order for them to be as functional as we would like, we need two new “stand alone” sites. The domain names have been purchased and the build will begin tomorrow. It does add to the “stable” of sites we have working for you, which can only be a good thing.

One of them will be a website that allows trainers, or anyone creating employment within the racing industry, to post vacancies and allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to upload their CV’s so that prospective employers, within the industry, can see if anyone suitable is already out there looking for work. It will be 100% free for them to use.

The other will be a directory of businesses within the industry…a kind of equine yellow pages.

We are looking closely at everything we are currently doing in order to ensure you receive the very best value for you money and for the start of May we will have some seriously brilliant things going on. I keep saying that this is going to become some ride you have come on and I kid you not when I say that, by the end of 2014, you will belong to something unique….if you don’t already.

We are looking at getting all…or as many as possible…500 Club members up to David O’Meara’s yard as possible, for the naming ceremony of your new two year old filly. What we will do is ask all members to provide a name, a reason for that name (how you arrived at it), and then we will put them all in a Newsletter. What we would then like you to do is select the best, most appropriate name from that list but….you cannot select the name you yourself created!

I spoke with David last night and I have suggested that we look towards Sunday, May 19th as the date for this exciting new chapter. I have started a thread on the forum that you might like to add you names to. David has said their is no hurry as he is a little behind with the juveniles because of the poor weather and so, if this date is good for you can you please let us know. Once we have a good idea of numbers we can get things organised and make sure you all have a terrific day up there. It will be a great day for pictures as I’ve arranged sunshine!

I’ve waffled on a bit here because what I have for you racing wise is gibberish. Just one race from the lone meeting at Exeter and this is it….



ADVICE – The going is heavy….that will not be changing….and only one horse in this race has winning form on that type of ground….marked *….my top rated has placed on it once but is palpably better going left handed. LOOK FOR LOVE produced its only win here, on heavy, over CD….he has also bled and is noted as a very difficult ride. BUCKTHORN TOM has gone off 80/1, 33/1, 33/1 on its last three starts and been beaten a total of 108 lengths in those three races….and he’s third “best”….crikey….CANTABILLY hasn’t won a race since he won at this track, in 2010, on good ground. He has raced three times on heavy and been unplaced each time. MOLON LABE does at least come into this race with a win achieved this month but, that was on soft. Prior to that he had been running in point to point races, one at a track I cannot even pronounce as it is 13 letters long but contains only four vowels. He is unplaced on three attempts going right handed but has placed once from three starts on heavy. CLOWANCE HOUSE has one previous win to its name, achieved on good to soft. At least he’s going the right way around though! Last but not least, UMBERTO D’OLIVATE. Only ever placed on good ground, yet to win a race anywhere, is clear bottom rated yet trades second favourite on the tissue. He has a + however in his young jockey, Patrick Corbett…worth every ounce of that 7lb.

So, after reading that lot, do you think you see a genuine play? I guess at the odds and if you have money to burn, LOOK FOR LOVE might appeal as a 20/80 but which ever way you look at it, it’s a complete moose of a race that should carry minimum stakes.


Sean Curran had a brace of winners yesterday and he saddles a complete no-hoper on paper called AIM. Runs in the 2-00 and it’s interesting that Sean has a 40% strike rate with hurdlers here. The guy riding this one won on his very first ride under rules yesterday and he’ll be buzzing, too. Again though, to even consider punting this horse you need to be in possession of money you simply have no need of.

GLENWOOD PRINCE (Exeter 4-30) – 20/80

It gets better tomorrow….it couldn’t get any worse, could it? Haydock, Warwick and Newcastle (inspection 8-00am today because parts are under water), provide us with something to get out teeth into.

Have a great day and the very best of luck if you do punt anything above.

Kindest regards


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