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Clark’s a shoe in, Darron to turn on the Stiles and a bit of puddin’, too!

Cadillac golfAccenture Cadillac

Its Blue Monster time

The first Donald Trump piece of real estate of the season and I just love it here. I have walked it, played it, even pro-amed it but a long, long time ago, when God was but a boy and Pontius still a pilot.

First thing you notice about this place is, it has an atmosphere. That certain smell that it always should have been a golf course, with sea to the left and orange groves to the right and as you tee off every morning there is that wonderful smell emanating from the multi million dollar homes, of the American staple of pancakes and bacon, with copious amounts of maple syrup.

It talks to you, like biffing it off the tee and watch it bend its way automatically towards the ocean, it lands, speeds off and just before it disappears from sight, the upturn saucer-like edge of the fairway allows the ball to veer gently right and settle in the fairway. Kid yourselves not, this is March, uphill and down dale , left and right but its still the 11th easiest in America, well assuming you keep it on the carpet, anyway!

Rules…don’t be flash but it’s a ball strikers paradise. Missed the chip? Then you have a 63% chance of scrambling it down and saving face. Putt it hard, putt it soft it stays straight. Point it in the right direction after gaining your “Greens in Regulation” certificate{ how I love saying that now}, for the round and you can normally walk away thinking “phew got away with one there” . On the other hand, get your right banjo out, and hit it to the heart of these 6600sq feet greens and you’re always thinking, birdie.

Now, having said all that, the difficulty of the course is at the end and, having said 11th easiest, its also the 10th hardest to drive but, it’s the 13th lowest at Greens in regulation, a real conundrum course. Combine that with being a limited field, no cut event, it still ends up as the 11th easiest in gaining pars and never forget, is the most difficult 18th hole in golf, a 5 par distanced hole that demands and gives you a par 4 as your score. Gentle, long dog-leg with water all down the left side and the serious pro`s cutting the corner over the water, going for the championship.

Then young sir/madam you have a golf course!

And who pray are the target competitors at the second world series tourney in 3 weeks?. Well sorry to disappoint you but we won’t be straying far from the current, usual suspects.

We have 49 of the top 50 here. “The Sned” is still injured with bruised ribs.

My “Take four from the field” are, Matt Kuchar , Charl Schwartzel, Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley.

Now then two of them are in mid cycle, they being Schwartzel and Bradley. What do I mean by mid cycle? Well, “Schwartzy” has played 9 straight weeks in 3 continents and been through x number of time zones. That’s more than enough to break anybody. That’s not exactly long but the pressure does tell and here is not the place to trip up. His worse finish was last week and with the Masters looming he is going to need a break and this might be the week that the putter tells him but until that happens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keegan Bradley has done 3 straight weeks. Although he didn’t play stunningly he was very consistent, with a steady march through the “levels” last weekend.

Matt Kuchar won the last “Worlds” 2/3 weeks ago and comes here fresh, He has only played here three times T3 T5 T8 , some record. He is my main man this week at 20`s but by less than a smidgeon and not quite as much as a tad. Phew, it’s tight

Adam Scott on the other hand has had nearly 2 weeks off after a disaster at the match play but played quietly, very well before that. He hits the ball like a bullet, is quite quiet, gets on with his job, not flash in any shape at all and, at times, that comes across as lack of confidence. Possibilities of course but not to me. So not so my friends as Ron would say, “follow the runes”.

So there you have my main strings. Kuch does for me, with Adam Scott and Bradley doing their own things, running an extremely close second and third, which could cause anything to happen but not an unlikely scenario or outcome, or an unpredicted one either and as I picked Charley again, stay putting one more week please!


Charl Schwartzel 16/1

Matt Kuchar        20/1

Adam Scott          25/1

Keegan Bradley   28/1

I got asked earlier this week did Tiger and Rory ever come into my reckonings. Frankly no, they are not playing well enough and I doubt in my view Tiger will ever return to (those much maligned words), his former glories, where he can be regularly counted.

Rory of course when he is ready but even though all these events are available to the Brits by virtue of their world ranking, we are notoriously slow to get on with it. But take note Lee Westwood crept out of his slumbers last week

Ok apropos of nothing, my two lively outsiders are in fact G-Mac and the “Big Puddin”.

Bo Van PeltBoth Graeme McDowell and Bo Van Pelt (left), rank up there with the current crop of really good ball strikers and are value at 33/1 and a hell of a good value at 60/1 about the “Puddin”. I spoke to him last night  and he is in good form and it’s a course he knows his way around. Good enough for me.

And for those that think I am being somewhat or a tad fraternal over the “Puddin”, please follow my thinking. Yes I agree he seriously is a mate but,

he is number three in his category and number two is not here. He is ranked as 20th top “Fantasy pick” and currently 25th in the World of official golf rankings. He is moving in an upward direction and he is playing in a tournament he does well in. In my opinion, with 16 of the above 24 either not playing or not playing well enough, effectively that makes him 8th and over 55 Tour events the average between 1st and 8th is a smidgeon under 5 shots, i.e. approximately 1 shot a round. Bo`s problem is bogey avoidance, therefore on a scrambling course like this his 4.75  shot differential could be replaced by 2.99 score difference, because of his scramble ability to save, therefore saving near enough two shots and  bringing him up to 4th, thus a winner at a ¼ of the odds making him 15/1…of course assuming no “ties” Good thinking or sound projection? I care not I am punting!

Now finally two under the radar!

This is a simple calculation, This is a restricted event where you all have a chance right up until the last ball. The restriction is based on your world ranking position.

Therefore the two best placed golfers are Russell Henley and Tim Clark world ranked at 51 and 52. Using the same criteria as for the above then Tim Clark, who is in the front rank of both “bogey avoidance and scrambling”, puts him in with hell of a chance at absolutely ridiculous odds of 125/1.

And, just because he is playing out of his skin, Russell Henley at 100/1

In my view two very serious blots on the handicap from the bookies point of view.

Well Folks I thought that was going to be enough but I received a couple of pieces of info late last night that I thought I had better pass on else you would never forgive me. As the Cadillac is a restricted limited to 66 players there is a Div 2 tournament in Puerto Rico.

And really Div2 it is as I have just received my copy of the reshuffle!

The reshuffle is huge for the players and when a newbie gets reshuffled and “re-ranked” from 186 in the world to 69, I tend to take note.

Darron StilesNow the R and R is actually already 1 tournament behind and a new ranking actually puts him at 63. With positions 1 to 66 of the big boys being out of the way and he is at 69 officially but actually playing of a position of 63, its what you might called a “handicap blot”. Then you look up the bookies value for the tournament and its 100/1, yes folks 100/1! Its time for a serious rethink.

Oh, the name and owner of this redoubtable 100/1 value? Well, it’s Darron Stiles. Needless to say I shall be punting!

So here is my exotic

I am punting:

2 x  5 each way doubles a and b

1 x 10 each way double c

A} Darron Stiles and Tim Clark 100/1 and 125/1

B} Darron Stiles and Adam Scott 100/1 and 25/1

C} Darron Stiles and Bo Van Pelt 100/1 and 60/1

Finally just for your own edification. We are but a mere 15 weeks away from Woo-Woo day!

June the 28th Si Woo Kim joins the PGA Tour on his 18th birthday and watch out! You have been warned!

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