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Michel-Jean dissects the Tampa Bay Championship

Tampa BayThe Tampa Bay Championships

Now that is one mighty mouthful to start you off first thing in the morning however, if you were really in the need of being shaken up you just need two words gently caressed but very succinctly whispered in your ear. It goes something like this .


Oh my goodness! I feel the blood coursing through my veins as we speak. Those velvety carpet type greens that I could comfortably fall asleep on, with caddies in their white “onesies,” bellowing, “not up twerp”, “short, short, short!”, “push it man, not up, not in, no win”, along with various other expletives, certainly not suitable of being mentioned here before the Ron Robinson Watershed.

Grown men seriously sweating with greasy palms because they see their 5% speedily, or in this case slowly, falling down the toilet and those more genteel of us just gently shrugging our shoulders, seeing our betting money disappear without any input from us at all.

Next words are

“Copperhead and the Snake pit”

A rare combination of very quirky double doglegs with the perspective on the tree line makes it look like the avenue of spruces and Florida Oaks come completely together, then the worst three hole golf finish on tour starts with a double dogleg right, as in oops lets go right and yes right and right again.

That might be ok to us Amateur chappies that can only fly it 200 yards ,but these boys are flying it on Saturday and Sunday 283 yards and that’s into light rough, well I say rough , I mean grass that’s an inch long, middle of the carpet of course at this point is a further 29 yards , making it a 312 yard carry, not for feint hearted nor guys that cant fade it . However you might say and you would be right, “cant all of these here guys bend it round corners”, and truth to tell, some can, some can’t….some just pray.

But for some reason this is sweater off time the first real week that even those cold blooded types get their kit off and start to give it the charge.

So if you can get a bet on for more than 30 double bogeys over the whole tournament, because some of these are going to be real fired up and they will find themselves in either side of the tree line, in deep doggy doo doo`s.

Just think then comes 17 and 18. So settle down on Sunday because please, it “ain’t over till the fat lady sings”

In reality this should be a birdie fest, with 5 par threes and 4 par fives but, on a par 71 with the average per round last year being scored as 70.752 shots per player, there should be a mighty clog up at the top come Sunday, especially if that little but often used word crops up on Sundays final back nine….breezy

So to the point.

Even though I have a few shekels on my pocket after last week they will be reinvested wisely.

My 4 to track are three that have played well over the last few weeks , and one who must turn the corner soon especially here as he lives here

So all hail to Sergio Garcia, Webb Simpson and Adam Scott, plus the local is first time on the Du Marolan radar “Lukey baby”, yes indeed Luke Donald.

Now, as we both used to live near each other, in the days of Chicago in the early 2000`s, the last person you would actually call Lukey baby would be Donald but come on peeps, he hasn’t exactly got his act together this year and he has spent a lot of time sucking his thumb trying to work things out. Perhaps, on his own course, he might try make a point. I mean he did win this last year

My wild cards are Matt Kuchar and Louis Oosthaizen. There is also a possibility as second all time earnings winner at the course Retief Goosen, aka The Goose, may make an appearance in the minus type.

Whilst talking about minus type do not preclude the bald pate of Jim Furyk from putting his nose in here big earner from this layout

Now down at the “if I biff it well its definitely going to be my week department” are 2 chaps. They are Lucas Glover and rookie James Hahn


My four to follow

Adam Scott – 12/1

Sergio Garcia – 14/1

Luke Donald – 16/1

Webb Simpson – 16/1

My Wild Cards

Matt Kuchar  – 20/1

Jim Furyk – 25/1

Retief Goosen – 70/1

Followed by “if I biff it well”

Lucas Glover  – 80/1

James Hahn – 125/1

Because he is a friend but no hope in hell really

Tim Herron – 400/1

There we have it 10 out of 156, well as I say, nine really.

I hope you had as good a week as I did last weekend

Safe betting, careful betting, because nothing is extraordinary this week, first six or so, in the betting

Best regards

Michel – Jean Caule De Marolan

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