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The cost of going racing as an owner. Do not read if of a nervous disposition!

Today we received our first “winners” invoice from the BHA. It is positively frightening.

I’ll start with the cost of actually entering a race. When your horse is entered by your trainer to run, you pay a fee. It’s not life changing but, it’s the start. When you are declared to run, you pay another fee. The entry fees charged depend on the class of race you have entered for. For instance, a Class 6 cost us a total of £46.60 including VAT.

Class 5, slightly more at £51.60 but, in all cases (and as happened to us with Rosie), if you pull out, you pay the full whack. We were entered for a Class 6 at Lingfield, didn’t go but our invoice shows a deduction of £46.60

Every time you race, you pay a fee to the Professional Riders Insurance Scheme of £15.02….this is free from VAT. The fee for employing the jockey is £138.62 inclusive of VAT

Scared yet?

Now we have to get to the track. Before you leave though, the farrier has to put their shoes on…£55.00

If you are not sharing those travel expenses and are travelling a round trip of 300+ miles, you need to be saddling a winner or, have more money that sense. It is now £1.10 per mile, if you go alone. That’s 60p per mile, if you share.

Obviously, someone has to take them down and you and that’s another £30.00

Those prices are exclusive of VAT. You need to add that lot up and add another 20%.

Then, a cherry….the BHA adds another £13.80 admin charge….free of VAT.

I also get charged £2 every time I access the racing admin website, too. Here I check declarations, look for suitable races for Rosie – this month, £8.00 plus VAT of £1.60

Of course, you still have to allow for the biggest expense of the lot….your trainer. Last month, £992.00 again, exclusive of VAT.

This month all those expenses have increased….by 10%.

Still fancy ownership?

What I have not yet covered is, of course, the expenses incurred getting to the track myself. Fuel, food, drink…let’s say £100 a day.

So, if you, as the owner of an average horse, goes racing four times in a month you need to make sure you have around £3k spare knocking about, because that’s how much it’s going to cost you.

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