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Today’s Ratings and Advice 03/01/13

The minute the first race at Ayr finished yesterday I simply told myself, I will not be punting horses running there. Today will be even worse because they will have opened up the ground (it was the first time they had raced on that turf for three months) and it will be seriously tough for all taking part.

I had promised myself that I would resolve not to moan about going conditions when compiling my Newsletters this year but what can I do? Gordon brown was interviewing the Clerk yesterday who was giving very little away when asked how bad it was. She simply smiled the smile of a hired hitman as Gordon probed and you could hear the tremors in his voice as he asked the next question, probably convinced the next sound he would hear was the “phut” as the bullet emerged from the silencer. She looks a formidable woman!

All races yesterday were close to a minute or more over standard and again, proven heavy ground horses simply were not getting home on it. I will not be parting with a single krona whilst we are having to race on it but, I know some of you will and I’ll continue to provide my figures….for what they are worth.

AYR 2-30


AYR 3-00


Nothing at all will be OF INTEREST today. I was very sad to read that one of my straight win suggestions yesterday, BALTIMOAR, broke his pelvis during the race and had to be put down. HALO MOON quite obviously needs an even sterner test of stamina, flying up the run in once the race had been put to bed by the winner but that old dodgepot DESERT CRY is clearly enjoying these conditions and he duly obliged again, confirming form with the runner up on 7lb worse terms. I imagine David Moyes, part owner of the winner, is hoping the monsoons keep coming!

I was watching an interview with the Sandown Clerk of the course yesterday and he was being asked how bad things were there. It did not make for good listening. He sounded like he was as close to saying they were unraceable, without actually saying it but, described how they will alter things to “make sure they have a safe path around the course”. In other words, it will not be Sandown racing as it should be. The way I work requires things to be “precise”. no missing obstacles, no bending of a track to suit a purpose….it has to be as it should be or my work effectively counts for nothing. We will see what happens come the weekend as they are due a dry spell but I know the bottom end is very boggy right now.


She enjoyed a quiet day yesterday, just using the walker to keep supple and has been entered to run again in the 5-25pm race next Tuesday, at Wolverhampton. If you would like to join us there for a day out….and hopefully another victory….can you please contact Paul to let him know you would like to pop along.

Have a great day, whatever you decide to do and the very best of luck if you are punting horse racing!

Kindest regards


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