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I’ve been poorly, the weather’s turned nasty and it’s not been a good week for racing!

I apologise for not having had a blog this last week, but due to the awful weather and myself being under the weather I haven’t had an awful lot to report, or tell you about.

Since the weekend though I have ridden at Kempton and been out and about on the gallops today.

On Saturday, due to the abandonment’s over the sticks, the Channel Four cameras were at Kempton Park. It was pretty low grade stuff but at the end of the day those low grade performers are someones pride and joy or family pet. A winner is a winner when all said and done, whether it be a seller on the flat, or the King George over the big un’s at Kempton. That winner is just as special to winning connections. It was nice to have ridden in front of the cameras as its very rare the terrestrial television viewer sees us in action over the winter months and even nicer for the connections of the winning horses as in some cases, it maybe their only chance of having being a “Saturday horse” winning in front of the Channel Four audience.

Whilst on the subject of Kempton and the Channel Four cameras, I ask the question, bearing in mind they have abandoned racing on the two days since, if Channel Four weren’t screening Saturday’s racing, would they have let the fixture go ahead?

I know on Saturday morning that they were working the track to ensure racing went ahead. Whilst we all knew the snow was on the way and today Wolverhampton went ahead as planned, due to their groundstaff working the track through the night, so why on earth haven’t Kempton done something similar? Owner’s and trainer’s are being let down, we as jockey’s have and I’m sure that if the groundstaff at Kempton had done the same the track would of being fit to race on.

The cost of their overtime would surely be more cost effective than losing the racing, and all the income from the owner’s, trainer’s, racegoer’s and all the hospitality that is put on.

It is getting to the stage that we may need to rename the all-weather racing, maybe to some-weather racing? Seriously though, it isn’t doing what it says on the tin so maybe it should be renamed winter flat racing or something along those lines.

I was disappointed that Wolverhampton was called off on Friday as not only did I have a decent ride but I was also looking forward to meeting Ron and some of you too but I’m sure we’ll catch up soon….if it stops snowing!

At the minute with obviously being ill and also the racing not being busy, I find myself bored stupid. I’ve been in to Brendan Powell’s this morning to ride out. I’ve also been out on my new pet Chunk (Clearing House) and he seems to be loving it in Lambourn.

I mentioned earlier about the groundstaff at the racecourses and I can’t not mention the sterling job that the gallop men do on the gallops in the various training centre’s up and down the country. They work in all weather (unlike the tracks!) ensuring that the gallops are in A1 condition for the many trainer’s that use them, so they aren’t disrupted in their work. Them along with all the stable staff who again work in all weather to ensure the horses are well looked after and kept fit deserve a medal particularly when the weather is as it is at the moment.

I appreciate that without their effort’s I wouldn’t have horses to ride, in my position as a jockey and I am sure you will all agree (particularly as successful owner’s yourselves!) that without them we wouldn’t have our amazing sport.

I will be back at the weekend with a blog, keeping you upto speed with what I’ve being up to this week. At the moment I have a few rides booked but obviously the weather will play a big part in whether I ride them or not.

I am looking forward to riding Scottish Lake for Olivia Maylam on Wednesday. He’s a favourite of mine as I have won 3 out of 5 on him. He’s gone up 17 pounds in the weights but he’s a trier, he always gives me 100%. I wish I had a stable full of horses like him to ride!

Olivia is great to ride for, she always keeps things simple as regards riding instructions and she has always been a great supporter and a good mate. She does a great job with the horses she gets and deserves every success.

Have a great week!

Kirsty x

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