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An invitation to join the friendliest, most original and successful racing club in Britain today….and all for less than the price of half a Costa cappuccino per day!

Post Racing members are now beginning to see the fruits our labours and their donations. It was never going to be an overnight success with us having no advertising budget and only our abilities to graft away to make it successful. But we are getting there.

It took us 14 months to get our colours onto a racetrack. Not bad, considering we started with not a single penny piece and, that we made it, can only really be attributed to those that trusted us to do it and parted with money during those 14 months. To those still here and, to those that left us, I just want to say thanks!

We opted to work with David O’Meara (left), because he is a genius working his way to the top of the training ladder. We got that decision absolutely spot on, as has been proven in the first week of this New Year.

David called me towards the end of November to tell me he had a horse that would give us some fun, that the previous owners no longer wanted and asked if we would be interested. Rosie’s Lady seemed an ideal fit. She could be the Post Racing Charity Horse. We would cover her training fees etc and every time she raced, she would be doing so for those charities, all prize money and subsequent sales value added together and divided equally between them.  Cheap, cheerful, sound of limb with clear wind, she could help us raise the profile of those charities we support, help us raise our own profile and introduce what we are trying to do to those people, millions of them, that love horse racing, would want to help us raise funding for racing’s charities, would help us create employment and have their donations recouped from the layers by the work provided to the new website, from experts in their field. We have Sean Trivass, a long standing journalist of repute, who tipped up a 33/1 winner in his very first week with us. We have jockeys agent Mark Furnass and top lady jockey Kirsty Milczarek, providing weekly pieces for readers and visitors to enjoy, and Paul Taylor, ex-pro footballer, providing you with the best advice on football betting.

The purchase went ahead after we visited Helmsley to see Rosie, who hates blokes and will try to nip them if they get to close. A 15 race maiden, we were expecting not a lot. The plan was to run a couple of times over hurdles, prepare for a flat campaign and then look to sell her in October. It is well documented how badly this weather has affected the ground and David called me on Boxing Day to say he had found an opportunity on the all weather, on New Years Day and I laughed out loud. He was concerned I felt he was mad but no, it was simply that we were due to be partying New Years Eve and I was wondering what state we would all be in.

We said let’s go for it and we ran in the last race of the day, at Wolverhampton. I felt the trip was to short, wasn’t at all convinced all weather would suit but, as David had pointed out, it got our colours onto the track.

We arrived there excited by the simple prospect of having our first runner under our own name, racing for those charities, in our colours so, you can only imagine the feeling we had as she came off the home turn in second and took off inside the final furlong, winning by nearly three lengths! The scenes in the winners enclosure were terrific and much backslapping took place. Those members that had attended were doing something they had only previously dreamed of, were invited into the room reserved for winning connections, where Champagne and sandwiches are served and the prizes given to winning connections.

Rosie’s Lady goes racing as our website horse and so, Site Members and 500 Club members have an opportunity to come racing with us as owners whenever she takes to the track.

However, when Hiddon Coin, Grandorio and Vital Edition go racing, 500 Club members (that’s some in the Redcar Champagne Bar last season), go racing as full blown owners and on the Thursday, 03/01/13, it was the first named who  took to the track. No secret was made, to those members, just what was expected. He was going to win. Advised to members on the Wednesday, as fit, working well and a winner if simply producing his best two year old form, he was well punted by all concerned and the result was never in doubt, booted into the lead the second the gates opened, he won cosy, easing down. Those members that had attended then proceeded to worry the City of Wolverhampton!

They met up with Graham Gibbons, the winning jockey and were joined by Tom Eaves and William Carson, and enjoyed some craic with them before a decision was made to visit a Thai restaurant in town. The rest of the story remains with them!

It really could not get better for members…could it? David called me to say we should run Rosie’s Lady again quickly as she was bouncing fit, had not taken anything out of herself when winning and was well treated in a race over a longer trip, at Wolverhampton on Monday, 7th January. This time she would be ridden by Danny Tudhope, stable jockey at Helmsley. The vibes were ultra positive and all members were told David was convinced she would win, keeping up his 2013 win a day record.

She didn’t just win, she absolutely sauntered home and by now had won those charities close to £4k.

So, how do you get involved in this? How much does it cost? What do members get in return for their subscription fees?

Well, it very much depends on what package you opt for.

Site member – £15 per month or, £120 per year.

500 Club – £35 per month for 12 months, 7 x £50 or, £350 lump sum.

The option to select 12 x £35 has now expired and we will keep open the option to make 7 x £50 payments until February.

The Club year runs from October 12th 2012 – October 11th 2013.

Site members receive the following:

  1. the best private handicap figures delivered, daily, to their inbox.
  2. the daily lay suggestions,
  3. the OF INTEREST selections
  4. access to the advice on the website,
  5. the opportunity to come racing with us as owners, when the charity horses race.
  6. advice on when to “get on” those horses
  7. access to a new forum about to go live
  8. free use of the Classifieds section, enabling you to buy and sell those unwanted items cluttering up your home (excluding larger items such as houses, cars, which attract a small fee)
  9. 10% of your monthly/annual fee ring-fenced for charitable donation.

This costs you just 33p per day if you join on an annual basis or around 48p if you opt for monthly membership. Either way, to describe it as a bargain is like saying Everest is a big mountain.

But then we come to the 500 Club….pin back your lug ‘oles and prepare to be amazed.

  1. the best private handicap figures available, delivered to your inbox
  2. the daily lay advices
  3. the “best bet of the day” when one is found
  4. the “banker lay” advice
  5. the OF INTEREST selections
  6. access ALL areas of the new website
  7. the Cheltenham Special, worth £20
  8. the Royal Ascot Special, worth £20
  9. actual ownership of horses and shares of horses, yielding an annual dividend
  10. digital edition, every month, of Racing Ahead
  11. a once a year “shindig” at which you will meet celebrity guests
  12. an invitation to join us when we sponsor races, with the chance to present the prize to winning connections, present the best turned out award
  13. a National lottery syndicate providing 10 entries into each and every draw
  14. a Tote Ten To Follow syndicate
  15. dedicated 500 Club room on the new forum
  16. free use of the Classifieds which will include larger items (houses, cars)
  17. 10% of your subscription fees donated to racing charities

It is our intention to have five such Clubs set up by the end of 2014 – Scotland, England North, Midlands South East, Midlands South West/Wales and Ireland working only with those trainers capable of putting us regularly in the winners enclosure.

Wherever a member is based, they will have access, as owners, to those horses “owned” by members in another area. This seemed a sensible thing to do because we can only imagine the fireworks if the Irish Club found they owned a Frankel!

Each 500 Club will have a maximum of….500 members and will have their own area “manager” who will be responsible for arranging your trips to the races, etc etc etc.

The plan is this. You join us. Your subscriptions, donations, call them what you will, help racing’s charities, we get you racing as owners, you receive information to make the layers pay for it all and, everyone is happy…except, of course, the layers!

What, really, is not to like about that?

If you want more details pop over to and use one of the links in the Contact Us section. We will respond as quickly as possible and answer all questions honestly and openly.

If you have read this and think it might appeal to someone else, let them know about us.


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