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Hereford – any great loss?

I had an awesome day of punting at what was the final day of racing at the Welsh track and from that point of view I’m very sorry to see the track close. I only ever had a handful of people contacting me, telling me what a disgrace they thought it was, that the track was closing. I think what happened yesterday indicates just why the decision was made to do so.

We live in an age where finance and economics determine everything. If you rely on a customer base to survive, and those customers do not come through the gates, you go bust. It really is as simple as that. Nobody is going to subsidise you because “they like you”. Punters and racegoers had a perfect opportunity yesterday to vote with their feet and in effect, they did, by staying away in their droves. I had honestly thought the place would be buzzing but despite plenty of local advertising, including on local radio, only 2,600 people turned up.

Not a bad number for a muddy Sunday you might think but, when you then take into consideration 500 of those were given free entry for having contacted Free Radio to claim a ticket, and that the total includes owners, trainers, jockeys etc, you can see that this track is anything but supported by the local people. Why?

So, the Pub Quiz League question has already been written and the answer will be any, all or a combination of Seymour Eric (horse), Martin Keighley (trainer), Alain Cawley (jockey). Doesn’t look like many will remember though.

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