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Stable visit – David O’Meara

It has been a full week behind the steering wheel, that’s for sure. Eight hours of driving on Monday, a trip to see family yesterday and today, we whizzed over to Helmsley to meet up with David O’Meara, to confirm the purchase of Rosie’s Lady (pictured left), sign off the paperwork and get ourselves introduced properly to the lady herself. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss with David running plans plus, our plans regarding the fact Rosie will be running solely for the four charities we currently support here at Post Racing. Readers will know by now that every single penny of prize money won plus, any future sales value, will be divided equally between those four charities and to that end, if you are a visitor reading of this for the very first time, please feel free to register for a package. We ring-fence 10% of every payment received for charitable donation.

The day started, as usual, with my getting up at 5-00am to produce my figures. I didn’t actually know Exeter was off today until I checked this morning but, it didn’t take Einstein to work out it had about as much chance of being on as us getting Frankel in our ever growing stable.

I think I spent around 30 minutes putting something together, just to let members know the situation and, following a quick bowl of cereal Karen and I raced over to pick up Paul and Kathryn. It had been raining non-stop overnight, it rained continuously on that 50 minute drive, it didn’t stop on the journey to David’s and the amount of standing water, everywhere, was incredible. We are a bunch of big kids really, every time we went through a deep one the cries of “LOG FLUME!” went up, as water shot up over the hedgerows. We were half expecting to get to the end of a section of the road and someone be standing there to sell us a picture of us doing just that, Alton Towers style!

We got to within 12 miles of David’s place when we suddenly came upon a queue of standing traffic. It was in a dip in the road that had fields either side, that had water pouring out of those fields, causing a fjord that spanned the road and that had crept up each incline of the dip in the road, a veritable lake, at least two feet deep and 100ft end to end the result. Some poor bloke had failed in his attempt to cross this and, hazards flashing, had climbed out to wade through it, looking for assistance. This, however, had the same result as any roadworks encountered on the trip to Wales earlier in the week, a tailback at either side. Several drivers saw that discretion was the better part of valour and had opted to turn around, one guy in a steel blue TVR, which would have gone bonnet deep had he tried to cross, certainly not going to even consider it. We were actually amazed to see two guys on motorbikes come through though and then it was our turn. There was no shallow end and it was simply a case of going for it…..very slowly. It really does pay to have a big car and the Grand Scenic found it a doddle.

This put us behind schedule, as we had intended getting there for 11-00am….and we drove in to stables at 11-36am.

It was now just a drizzle but we “coated up” and David emerged from his office to say hello. Hands shaken it was straight into the stables to meet Rosie. David explained, not that he needed to, I’ve studied her form inside and out, that’s she is no superstar, and will not be winning us a Triumph Hurdle (he knows of my ambitions!). However, he did tell me that she will win a race for us, if he gets it right. I have no doubts he will. He took off her rugs and after I had given her muzzle a friendly rub, called her our superstar, and let her take a sniff of the coat, David led her out to let us take a look at her. She’s a lovely looking horse and was getting a bit flighty. David explained that since the previous owner had told him he wanted to sell her, she had been taken out of training and was simply using the walker each day for exercise. She is very fresh and needs now to get back into full time training and a race in her.

Paul took some pictures of her and David then suggested we went back to his office to discuss what happens next. A darned sight warmer in there, that’s for sure and once the paperwork was passed back to him, he proceeded to let us know exactly what kind of horse Post Racing has. We watched videos of previous races and for certain, she has races in her. We went through recent form lines, David being extremely thorough in this regard. He likes to tie things up, just as I do when rating a race, and that let’s him know exactly what he is working with and, most importantly, where he should perhaps be looking to go next.

David works double quick time but it didn’t take long for us all to be convinced that if anyone can get Rosie in the winners enclosure, it will be him.

We got onto the subject of what we are looking to achieve with Rosie. We discussed the Facebook page she has already set up and, from tomorrow, Rosie will ensure all readers of her page are up to speed on her daily routine. She tells us she is a creature of habit and that we should not expect much by way of mind blowing information but, that if she hears of anything we should know, going on in the yard, she will pass it on.

David had told me earlier in the week that he was due to play in a football match at 1-00pm but when we broached this subject he was, despite it being astroturf, hoping it would be called off. He had been up half the night with his young baby, who had the sniffles and was feeling a bit down in the dumps. He looked about as ready for a football match, as I fancied another attempt at a Kankkunen impersonation.

It was now 20 past lunch and those who know me well, know I don’t do “past” anything to do with food. I tend to go to mush so, we declined a coffee, a decision having been made much earlier to descend on the Feathers for a good roast lunch. Before we left though I did the right and proper thing, and asked David if he had many running this coming week. He reeled off a few names and I asked him which he fancied most. He had no hesitation is suggesting MAISON DE VILLE, who is entered for the bumper at Wetherby on Wednesday.

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